Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rockin Blogger Girl

Opinion mom awarded me with the much coveted "rockin girl blogger" award. :) I have to say that I am a little more touched by this gesture than I should be. :) I came upon her blog when she posted this entry in Mamablogga's July Group Writing Project. It is a lovely tribute to her mother.

According the the "rocking girl blogger" award rules I need to bestow this honor on those I deem worthy. tee hee....However, most of my blogging friends have already been honored, especially since my dear friend Laura was so lovely to pass her love on to us all. I do, infact, have a few women I started a buddy relationship with through blogging, that I'd like to acknowledge. I am trying to spread the love to those who haven't received it yet (or they don't have the award posted on their blog). It is hard. This award has really made it's rounds! :)

1. Heidi at Everyday cookies. Actually she is my neighbor, so she is the one exception to this list. I love love love heidi. She is a sweet, caring person, and is always so supportive of me. Her blog is full of wonderful craft ideas and pictures. Check it out! :)

2. Pam at KidsKitchen. I'm not certain how she found my blog, but she has been so kind to hang around a bit since. Now that I think back on might have been the Carnival I participated in. I love checking out her blog also. She is a very positive, up-beat mama. Recently she has taken on the world of a "farmer's market"! Check it out!

3. Mommyknows is so rockin. She has been giving away FREE stuff for over two months now. I won an awesome Muddybuddy suit. I am so excited to have Makenna try it out, but I got it in a 4T so Kenna can use it when she grows into it. :) You just have to check out her blog and enter to win. :)

4. The Stretch Mark Mama I just recently "met" this wonderful blogger when I won a drawing during The Dog Days of Summer. I love visiting her blog. This post cracks me up! You really need to check her out!

5. Lulu over at Tulips Grow Everywhere. This young woman amazes me. She is an incredible photographer who inspires me to follow my heart and take pictures that mean something to me. I admire her photo style and her fun personality. You just HAVE to check her out! :)

5 Live It or Love It:

Donetta said...

Hay good for you, I think Pam found you on my blog role. I hope your having a great morning! ( tomorrow )

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Congrats! You truly do rock!

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Thank you! It's a rockin' bloggin' honor!

Pam said...

Woohoo!!! The internet happened to be working for a while this evening, and what do I find out, that I am a ROCKIN BLOGGER GIRL! Thanks, Corey! That is wicked awesome! (You will all have to read my blog to get the back story on that phrase!) I'm not sure how I came across your blog either. I think you may be right about finding it through a carnival. My husband enjoys your blog because he is into photograph. I love your blog for the pictures, and your love and enthusiasm for your little girl!

Oh, and thanks for saying I'm positive! I try to see the glass as half-full even when things aren't going right!

*Heidi* said...

{blush} thank you, Corey!

I love your new and latest fav picture of M!

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