Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 57


October 24th was the beginning of an entire week of "early release" for Sugar Bear's school. It made for a bit of a hectic week for me, but it all worked out in the end. This day, I just picked her up off the bus and brought her back to my work. She hung out in my office and helped me with some recycling. We got home pretty early, and FINALLY got our our Halloween decorations.


October 25th was fairly normal for us, as the friend that usually picks Sugar up on Tuesdays and takes her to dance, just picked her up early and had her over to their house. So it all went like clockwork, so that was good. I snapped a quick shot of one of Sugar's favorite Halloween decorations. We have two of these light up jack o' lanterns. They are darling.

October 26th was a stunning morning. It seems like the sunrises have been amazing lately. It is so darn painful for me though. We do NOT have time to stop and grab some shots of the amazing sights or we'll be late for the bus. kills me. I nabbed this shot while driving.


October 27th was a rush myself nuts sort of day. While waiting for dinner, I let Sugar have some popcorn. In this photo she is enjoying it outside while she waits for me to feed all the animals. I really start to dislike all the chores that need to be done when I get home after work. It is dark and rainy. I was feeling a bit whiny about it. I need to get over it, clearly. It could be worse. We are so blessed.

October 28th my brother got the distinct honor of watching Sugar Bear after school. It was a bit of a hard day for me at work, so I enjoyed some quiet time taking in the view from his house when I arrived to pick up my Sugar. It helped to just sit down......and relax. I was sooooooooo ready for the weekend.


October 29th was a busy, yet super duper fun day. We carved jack o' lanterns, and went to a library Halloween costume magic show. :) it was good times all around. Here is a photo of my Jack o' lantern. It was cool, but didn't hold up well.


October 30th was a nice quiet day at home. We baked pumpkin chocochip cookies (can you say "YUMMO!"?) and made a fun Halloween keepsake. Our little feet ghost are adorable, and I know I'll cherish it for years to come.


3 Live It or Love It:

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I have always been a huge fan of hand print and foot print art! These ghosts are adorable!

Autumn said...

The sunrise shot is so pretty. Darn good shot for driving! The shot of Sugar eating popcorn is so cute.

Gayle said...

Very clever idea with the ghost footprints. I've been teaching the kids about recycling...trying to get on that bandwagon. I'd say we are getting about 2/3 of it and zero on the food (for compost). Much better than we were. Olivia is the one that pays attention....the rest of the family does not.

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