Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letting her light shine

For the past few months, I have found myself in "barely blogging" mode, and it makes me sad. There are so many things I get out of the process of blogging. I love the idea that someday Sugar Bear will get to read back and have the opportunity to peek into her childhood. To know her mother better. To know the way I have felt about being her mother. I have only been able to do the bare minimum lately when it comes to documenting our life. It is my Christmas wish that I will find the time....the desire....the drive to do more.


The other day, it was an incredible morning outside. It was cold.....and crisp.....and the light was amazing. I couldn't resist trying to nab some macro shots of nature. It was truly something that could be considered "me time". It was all for me. Sugar tagged along, and while I crouched in the frosty grass, I looked over to see my darling girl bathed in warm glorious light. I caught my breath and began to snap away. She didn't disappoint. I was able to snag so many shots that capture all that is Sugar Bear.


Her inner light.....her joy........her amazing little self. I recently had a friend experience the TRUE Sugar Bear, and it blessed my heart. So often, Sugar is just to shy to be "herself". I love that she is opening up to those around her more. I love that my friend got to see this girl.....


This girl. She is funny, and witty.......and just plain lovable. She started to mimic me......searching to get a laugh out of me.


It worked! How could it not? She IS my joy. I am so very blessed to be this little person's mama. I can not feel more proud.


I hope that she will always know how completely I love her. I hope she always knows that I am her biggest fan, and I can't wait to see who she becomes.


This smile has is changing every day.....but it is still my most favorite smile in the world because it goes right to my heart, and fills me with the most amazing feeling.


I know.....I know.....I'm such a sappy mom. I can't help it. She is just such a pretty little nut.


I am about 98% sure she is a an Almond. :)

1 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

She is so cute! And getting so big... where has the time gone?

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