Monday, July 2, 2012

I like BIG hair!

I totally wasn't going to post these was they look a bit like kiddy "glamour shots", which I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo not a fan of, but I just feel a bit like having a giggle tonight.

  My girl is sick.....again. Now I should NOT be feeling whiney about it because it is minor illness and there are so many lovely children who are suffering from really horrible illnesses, and I need to be grateful for my Sugar Bear's health, soooooo (can this sentence get any longer? Yes, it can!) I need to post some fun photos that remind me of happy, healthy times.

The afternoon after Sugar Bear's Dance Recital, we had a bit of fun when we took all of Sugar's hair out of that gell and hair spray shellaced bun.

Ohhhhh my! First there was much fluffing and shaking.

Jun 03 2012_0030efb

And then there was the flip back and see what we had.  BIG HAIR is what we had for sure.

Jun 03 2012_0025efb

I have had big old curly hair my whole life, while my Sugar Bear has had straight, and not so thick tresses.  It was so fun to see her looking a bit like I did in the early 1990's.  tee hee

Jun 03 2012_0035efb

It was interesing to see how the big hair, and all my giggling brought out the sassy in my girl.  She was posing up a storm, and being such a nut.  Loved it.

Jun 03 2012_0036efb

While my girl briefly considered cutting her hair to the length of her bangs, I'm really glad she has decided to wait awhile.  I adore her long hair.

Jun 03 2012_0038efb

For a minute during this giggly good time, I saw a bit of who she might become in a few years, and I liked it.  I know her body will grow.....and her features might change, but her heart......It will always be as perfect as it is now.

Jun 03 2012_0043efb

1 Live It or Love It:

Jeanette said...

Oh goodness, she's so pretty!! Love that hair of hers!

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