Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Week 92


July 2nd was a gloomy day at home.  Seriously....where is our summer weather?  I can't complain though, the rest of the country is dying from high heat.  I need to just be grateful for what I have.  Sugar Bear and I spent a little bit of time making a sticker book for her.  She saw a homemade one at a friend's house, and asked if I could make her one.  I was more than happy to used some of my bazillion's of scrapbooking card stock to help her out.  It turned out cute, and she is happy to have a place for her stickers.  I had a sticker book when I was a young girl.  I loved it.

  Jul 02 2012_0004ew

July 3rd was a real treat for us. A small circus came to town, and we decided to meet a few friends there.  Sugar Bear couldn't remember ever having been to a circus before.  She was only 2 years old the last time.  This show was small, but it really did have some great acts.  Lots of acrobatics.  I spend a good portion of the time hoping that I wouldn't see someone fall to their death.  There was no net....and a very thin mat on asphalt.  ACK.  Luckily, everyone did a great job, and the show was a success. 

Jul 03 2012_0025efb

July 4th was a very typical Fourth of July for us.  We went up to my parent's farm to celebrate.  There was a potluck, and fun with cousins.  We did up Sugar's toenails with Jamberry nails.  So fun and festive.  We enjoyed time with family, and some small fireworks.  We are grateful for our freedom.

Jul 04 2012_0005efb

July 5th was a GREAT day!  I helped my mom clean out the playroom at her house.  It was wayyyyyyyyyyyy past time.  I brought Sugar Bear's big wooden kitchen to add to the playroom, as Sugar just doesn't play with it, and I needed room in her bedroom for a desk.  At my mom's house she will likely play with it.  She tends to play differently there than she does at home.  After all that work, I headed down to the river with my girl and her cousins.  We had a wonderful time.  It was the first dip in the river this summer for all the girls.  It was still a bit cold but they didn't mind. 

Jul 05 2012_0069ew

July 6th sent us back home.  Sugar Bear was going to spend a few more days at the farm with her cousins, but she wasn't feel her best, and requested to come on home with mama, so that's what we did.  We had a pretty quiet day, and went for a bike ride in the evening.  Gosh my bottom isn't used to bike seats.  I need WAY more practice. 

Jul 06 2012_0038ew

July 7th was a stunning day.  We met a friend at a the local pool, and had a splashing good time.  I enjoyed hanging out and talking with the mama while the girls swam and swam.  Sugar Bear was able to encourage her friend to try the big water slide.  Once she did.....they couldn't stop themselves from going on it over and over and over.  That is what summer should be about. 

Jul 07 2012_0021ew

July 8th was a much more subdued sort of day.  We stayed home in our jammies, and cleaned house a bit.  We did a few art projects and basically just enjoyed being together.  Life is GOOD!

  Jul 08 2012_0015ew

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