Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Week 28


April 10th I just had to document the most recent milestone for Sugar Bear. While I was away last week, Grandma taught The Sugar how to tie her shoes, and SHE.IS.SO.PROUD!!!! Like seriously PROUD.PROUD.PROUD. She beams when she does it. It does my heart good! ♥

April 11th my little honey bunny had to accompany me to an evening presentation I was doing for work. She spent half the time listening to what I was talking about (oral health for infants and toddlers), and the other half drawing me the most heartfelt picture of a rainbow. She knows I've been hating on all the rain we've been getting, and wanted to brighten my day...and boy did she. ♥

April 12th we couldn't wait to get home and check on the baby bunnies. You can't let more than a day go by without giving them so love or you'll miss their entire babyhood. These little buggers grow like weeds. This is "Lovers". Sugar named it that because he/she is so very snuggly. I crack up when she says, "Come here lovers. Give me some love." ♥

April 13th caught me continuing to try to focus on signs of Spring. I know I'm not the only one to say this.....but gosh darn it...."That Groundhog LIED!"

April 14th wasn't a typical Thursday. We had a potluck at work on a Thursday....A THURSDAY! We were shaking it up people. The theme this month was "ballpark food". tee was definitely interesting. I brought cotton candy...but only because everyone else took my other ideas. Lucky for Sugar Bear.....there was lots left for her. She loves cotton candy. ♥

April 15th was a fun day. Sugar didn't have school....and I had to travel a bit for work, so she joined me, and we had a wonderful "girls day!" It couldn't have been better. We played a game on the drive where we yelled out "flowers" every time we saw some. We are DESPERATE for flowers around her. We were out of control and giggling the whole way. This tree was so stunning. I just had to take some pics even though I have taken so many similar pics over the years. JUST.COULDN'T.RESIST. ♥

April 16th was a relaxing day at home....minus the vicious cold I came down with, and the injured hand I acquired the day before. Yup...minus those two things...It was pretty awesome. I took this quick snap of my neighbor's kitty cats. Sugar and I were in charge of feeding them for a few days. I was so glad to have the opportunity to do my friend a favor. She has done so much for me over the years. I'm all caught up on this project. Yes, I hurt my right hand...and it is killing me. It hurts to REALLY hurts to mouse.....and that has held me back this week.

5 Live It or Love It:

Jessie said...

I adore that rainbow. Frame it for your office. It will put a smile on your face each time you see it :) Aww, look at the bunnies. My girls would love them. How does your pup do around them? Great week Corey. Happy Easter mama!

Autumn said...

Beautiful Rainbow picture! Yay for Sugar learning to tie her shoes. That is so sweet how proud she is... as she should be! It was hard to teach Bug how to tie his shoes since he's left handed but he mastered it despite my wrong handed help.. lol

Just Jinny said...

My Grandma taught me how to tie my shoes too. : )

Lisa said...

Aww I love that her grandmother taught her to tie her shoes..she'll remember that for the rest of her life.
Love your week and love your images.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Awwww the rainbow is fab and I love 'lover' hee hee, don't they make you laugh so much our girls?
You know I haven't even thought about teaching M to tie laces yet! I tend to buy velcro things she can get on easily, but I have some fab converse All Stars a friend has passed on to me for her so it's about time I taught her.
Sending Easter hugs to you lovely. Your comment made me smile the other day. xxx

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