Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Week 39


June 26th was a wonderful day at home. Not much compares to summer painting in our PJ's. :)

June 27th brought back the rain....but for some was so beautiful. I think the colors of summer were shining through. I'm a sucker for my "weeds" these days.

June 28th marked the first of four private swimming lessons for the Sugar. It was a dismal weather, but a great swimming session. Sugar is quite nearly there. She just needs to have the confidence.

June 29th we attended an evening summer birthday party at the park. The rain held off, but the wind was present. Us parents...did a bit of whining....and wishing the cool wind would disappear, but the kids....I don't think they even noticed. Sugar found herself learning to do the monkey bars. She loved these, as they weren't that high off the ground, so she wasn't so worried about falling.

June 30th was day two of swimming lessons. There was progress.......and I'm so very proud of my girl.

July 1st was a beautiful day.....stunning day. A perfect day to let our horse out in our yard to do the mowing. She is such a pretty little horse in the summer. I love her sleek, short hair.

July 2nd I couldn't resist getting a different sort of shot of the SAME flowers from the 27th. One thing I really love about photography is the ability to get such different shots of the exact same subject depending on the light.....the angle.....the camera settings, and more. It really helps me remember to look at things from more than one point of view.

It was another great week. I'm still enjoying this project. It can get difficult sometimes to figure out what to shoot each day, but I have been powering though. One thing about the way I have been presenting my 365 pictures that has been limiting is the small square format. A square is not how I naturally "see" my photography. For instance, the photo of Sugar Bear on the monkey bars...I had to cut off her feet to fit in the square template. :( It's okay though.....I have the properly cropped photo on my computer. I just don't always love the way the photos look in shape of a square, but I ALWAYS adore the way my whole week looks together in the template

What a beautiful life I live.

3 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I was trying to think back, but I can't remember. Is this just something you made up or a group you are doing? Do you have to use the template? I think I am in glasses denial so the small photos are hard to see plus I have to scroll back and forth from the reading to the seeing. I like what you are doing, but just giving my perspective if you do it for another year! I wish I had it together to do something like this, but I know once I missed a deadline I'd just quit. Your horse is so cute. Does Sugar ride it? Some day you'll have to give us a bigger tour of the property....I bet there is so much more to share.

Jen said...

I didn't think about the fact that you have to crop the photos into small squares. I can see how that would make it that much more difficult. I do like your template though.

Autumn said...

I love this project. I love getting a little glimpse of how life is going at Coreys house! I can understand the cropping frustration. I know it would be more work for you but maybe you could put the template at the top like normal (cause I love how it looks all together) Then underneath when you are describing each seen put a copy of the un-cropped version of the picture. This would alleviate having to scroll up and back down to re-look at the picture with the story. I know... you need more things to work on.... I'm here to help. heehee! :)

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