Monday, July 25, 2011

My Week 41


July 10th should have been a day of rest....but I spent most of it sitting at in this spot editing wedding pictures. A person has to get on this thing right away....or it gets away from you. I took nearly 1100 photos. I need to cull that down to around 350-400.

July 11th Sugar went to day care to play with her friends, and I did my day at work. Things are piling up for me at work like crazy. I only have 3 weeks of summer break left, and then I'm back to the craziness of work. Sugar had a wonderful day at daycare, and was really tuckered out. She slept in my bed with me as a special treat. The Hubby was out to sea. We had a good snuggle time. ♥


July 12th was a stay at home day. Sugar Bear spent entirely too much time watching TV while I worked on wedding photos. I nearly forgot to take a photo that day, until bath time. This is one of her favorite bath toys. It was a gift from her aunt.

July 13th was my 15th wedding anniversary. The Hubby was still out to sea, and I spent the day working on wedding photos. Sugar Bear went to daycare again, and I snapped this shot of me in my side mirror real quick after pulling up in her daycare's driveway. I needed a shot for my 52 weeks of me project.


July 14th my parents came down to our house to look over our property. We are in the process of starting a big project on our property. We talked over the moving of some MAJOR dirt on our property. My dad has the equipment and experience. We had the ideas. We took Sugar's play structure apart and moved it to another part of our yard. Then, at the insistence of The Hubby, my dad took our 1978 corvette for a long drive. I think my dad looks pretty good in this thing. :)


July 15th I headed out on another wedding adventure. I had to travel out of town for this one. I got there 3 hours before the rehearsal time, so that I could be there at the time I would be taking photos the next day. I like to scout out the light. During rehearsal, we had this cute little guest. He nearly stole the show.


July 16th was the big day. I shot for 11 hours. ELEVEN HOURS! I'm telling you....weddings are NOT for sissies. It was a beautiful wedding, and now I have twice the amount of photos I had at the beginning of the week. whew......


I am doing well. Keeping up with my picture taking, but really trying to limit my blogging. So I have not been reading blogs. I hope I'm not missing anything BIG in your lives. If so....send me an email. :)

2 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Well it looks like you are having a busy busy Summer. The wedding pictures are beautiful. I'm in Seattle this week. Bug and I are hanging out seeing the city while the husband takes classes for work. :)

Jen said...

I have been on vacation for 2 weeks so I have been a little absent too. Good luck editing all those wedding photos.

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