Monday, September 10, 2012

My Week 100


August 27th was "meet the teacher" night at my Sugar's school. It was fun to go hang out in her new classroom, and see some friends we haven't seen all summer. The event is designed to build excitement for the new school year.  I am looking forward to the new beginnings that 2nd grade has to offer my girl, and she is already looking forward to NEXT summer. She loves being home with her mama.  I nabbed this shot of the pencils on her desk.  I don't know about you....but I'd love to try some of those out. 

Aug 27 2012_0058ew

August 28th was my girls last day of summer vacation, and she had the opportunity to spend the entire day with her friend. They had lunch out, good times at the pool, and ice cream before dinner. :) What a wonderful way to say goodbye to summer. These little girls don't go to the same school, so it isn't always easy to get them together, but I'm definitely going to make a better effort.  I adore this shot of my girl and her sweet friend. We haven't done a good enough job of getting these two girls together often enough, and I think by the looks of this photo...we need to remedy that. They are so darn cute together.

Aug 28 2012_0028efb

August 29th was the first day of school.  Sugar Bear started 2nd grade today, and I'm just not sure how we got to this day so very fast. I blinked and summer was over. She started her day unsure....anxious, and a bit disappointed that she was going back to school.

She ended her day happily exclaiming, "It was the BEST first day of school EVER!"

AND....she is looking forward to tomorrow. :) I'm a happy mama.

Aug 29 2012_0036ew

August 30th was the second day of school and according to Sugar it was "better than ever".  As for day was strange. I spent the entire day moving out of the building I have worked in for the past 12 (or more) years, and into a brand spankin' new building. very own has a window. :) :) :) There is joy in my heart about that, right there.

So much change though.....I'll be a bit off for awhile, I'm so very sure. Change isn't always easy for me. 

Aug 30 2012_0008ew

August 31st was an excellent friday. I worked at unpacking my office. Sugar had another AWESOME day at school, and an even better time at some friend's house after school. 

Aug 31 2012_0003efb

September 1st was....Oh me oh my....what a fabulous afternoon and evening. My little Sugar and I attended a "end of summer/beginning of the school year" beach party with several families from her 2nd grade class. The weather was perfect. I mean really truly perfect. Not too hot...not too cold (it is usually that later here in Oregon on the coast), and both the kids and adults had a wonderful time.

I took....ummmm......321 photos. yes....yes I did. I couldn't help myself. I love to take pictures at the beach, and so rarely get to do so. I was also joined by two other photog friends so we had just toooooo much fun snapping and talking about snapping. :) 

Sep 01 2012_0161efb
September 2nd was a really relaxing day at home for my girl and I. We enjoyed a little bubble blowing in the early afternoon. Ivy, our dog, loves to run around and bite the bubbles blowing in the wind. It's fun for the whole family.

Sep 02 2012_0051ew

4 Live It or Love It:

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Love, love, love that beach photo!

Janet said...

What a fun week! I LOVE new pencils - reminds me of my teaching days! Ï'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air!" Lovely week - I'm glad!

Anonymous said...

SB and her friend in hats--LOVE it!

inkyblog said...

such a beautiful life you live xo

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