Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Week 102


September 10th was the Monday after our whirlwind weekend, we started our week less rested, but with happy hearts. Work is still a madhouse, but it is coming together. IT.HAS.TO. We've got kids and families to serve. We are pulling together and making it happen.  Took this shot of a flower in my yard when I got home from my long day. 

Sep 10 2012_0063ew
September 11th.   Not a day to go by unappreciated. We'd just left our drive when I decided I NEEDED to stop and capture the amazing morning we were gifted. I adore low lying fog. ADORE.IT! We were a tad early leaving the house so it was perfect.

Then, on our travels we notice a fire truck parked with it's ladder up and a HUGE flag hanging from it. Sugar Bear wanted to know I told her. I choked up and cried, and told the story of September 11th 2001. My daughter listened carefully, and worried about my tears, but she learned something that morning. Something I wish she didn't have to learn. Her heart broke for those who lost their lives, as well as those that lost their loved ones. She felt a bit of their pain.

And a bit of her own innocence was stolen.
Sep 11 2012_0040e
September 12th didn't feel all that special. Work for me......and school for the girl. Then we rushed home to do our chores, and get to bed. Life is such a fast pace sometimes, and I try really hard not to let the "special" things go unnoticed or unappreciated. We are so lucky to have this amazing life. Just being together watering the tomatoes is special, and something we should be thankful for.
Sep 12 2012_0027ew
September 13th was a simple day that ended with so much contentment.  My Sugar Bear jumped out of the truck the minute we got home and picked this flowers for me.  I loved taking some snaps of them with the sparkling light behind her.  I'm gonna miss this yummy light when it is harder to come by.  The weather is a-changin'!  The cold mornings are here.
Sep 13 2012_0079efb
September 14th was my birthday, so the majority of the photos taken today were picture of me snapped by my 7 year old. I did manage to grab this shot of her at the Frozen Yogurt shop we went to after school for my birthday treat. I believe this is exactly what a Brain Freeze looks like. :)

It was a great birthday. I'm one lucky, lucky lady.

Sep 14 2012_0001ew
September 15th was spent at our local "Fun Festival" with my girl. We had the wonderful opportunity to see some of her friends perform in a kids Bach Rock group. What a treat. Then we wandered around with some friends visiting the booths, and watching the parade. It was lovely. I got this shot of one of the old cars featured in the parade this year. I love how flags look blowing in the breeze on the front of cool old cars.

We ended our day with a trip through the local downtown Museum. It was fun letting the girls point out their favorite paintings. Love learning a bit more about what my girl finds beautiful.

Sep 15 2012_0086ew

September 16th was a lazy dazy day. We were in our jammies all day, and just did as we pleased. There was a tiny piece of me that worried about letting such a sunny day go by, while we stayed in, so I jumped outside to feed the bunnies, and noticed our garlic blossoms were in the perfect spot of pretty bokeh. You know I'm a sucker for the pretty bokeh.
Sep 16 2012_0046ew

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Jeanette said...

Love the daisy photo, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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