Monday, October 17, 2011

The way she is

Something you might not know about my Sugar Bear is the fact that she is extremely goofy. She loves a good laugh, and if she can be the cause of it.....all the better. It is one of the ways, that over the years, she has learned as a coping skill to deal with her shyness. If people are going to be looking at her....she's gonna act like a doof and make them laugh. That way...if they are laughing at her....she knows why. She started this at an age as young as 2 and a half. She would pretend to fall down, or walk into a wall, and say, "oiy!" or "Doh!", and the kids would laugh. It was her way of joining in, and being in control of how she was included. It was facsinating to watch.

It continues to this day, some four years later. A fellow parent came up to me the other day and said, "You know....Sugar really has helped "S" feel more comfortable riding the bus. She loves to sit with Sugar Bear, because she makes her laugh. "S" is always saying, 'Sugar is so funny, dad!'"
This made me smile. It doesn't surprise me one bit. I know that Sugar Bear has had her own anxiety over riding the bus, and it makes perfect sense that she is using humor to ease that stress. It is just how she rolls.

She makes me laugh EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I adore her goofy nature. I love that she has figured out a way to cope with stress, and that it has an additional result of endearing her to others. Kids like her. She is fun to be around. This is good. It gives her confidence.....and what more could a mother ask for?

I just love her. I do....I know you're not shocked. I adore her....and cherish her....and miss her goofy little face when we are apart. I'm lucky. I know it. It couldn't be better! Bless her goofy little heart!


4 Live It or Love It:

Susan said...

Oh how sweet! I LOVE her expression!

Jessie said...

My Piper is so shy and I worry about her. K was hard but this year she has none of her little besties in class with her. She has such a sweet heart that I am afraid it will get broken. It is sad but I already see the cliques in her grade. A group of girls go off by themselves and don't include anyone else. Gosh raising girls is going to be tough on this old woman's heart!

Donetta said...

Hi Honey
well I love ya both
humor is such a gift in a family and around our lives.
mine too
a reminder as I return to the land o'blog your precious.

Jen said...

That Sugar Bear is one smart cookie. Her goofy expression is priceless.

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