Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 55


No big individual photos this week....I'm just too lazy.

October 10th was a normal ol' boring day or work for me, but Sugar had she a wonderful day. There was no school, and she got to spend the day with her old daycare provider. She LOVED it. I wish I had grabbed a shot of her at daycare, but I spaced it, and just took this shot when I got home. I have to maneuver around this colorful blackberry bushes each time I have the opportunity to open or shut our gate. They are pokey....but starting to be a pretty shade of red.

October 11th brought nothing new, but I grabbed this shot of a pretty little weed outside of Sugar Bear's dance school. She is really enjoying dance again this year. It has been different for me, as I work late on those days, and a friend is taking her to dance. I just get there in time to pick her up. It is strange not to be there mingling with the other parents.

October 12th was bore to the ring! I took this shot when we got home. Sugar Bear put up our first Halloween decoration. Seriously.....I am never this late in decorating. This went up....and hasn't had any company since.

October 13th at dance class....again. Pretty skies this week. This day was gloomy grey....but pretty light.

October 14th found me home after work allllllll by myself. I walked around and took pictures of EVERYTHING. I couldn't help but photograph this little guy. It was a huge challenge though. He wouldn't quite moving....and he was surprisingly fast. I love the water droplet in her fuzz.

October 15th was a day of ME! I read......and sewed......and then went out on the town with a couple fabulous ladies. We had a good time talking....and talking.....and talking. This is what I ate. It is a super yummy veggie sandwich, but this is the second time it has ended up hurting my tummy. I think it is the onions.

October 16th was a GLORIOUS day. Seriously fabulous weather, and perfect for attending a garden tea party. Both us girls had such a marvelous time. We have such wonderful friends.

2 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Wonderful pics. I think tomorrow Bug and I will go on a photography safari. I need to get some balance back. Things are a changing fast.

Jessie said...

Sorry about your tummy :( What a fun group of girls you must hang with! I love it!

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