Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 54


October 3rd I finally took a photo of my music obsession. I mean, seriously....I listen to Adele's new CD like EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.AT.FULL.VOLUME!!!!! There are not words for how much I love love love this whole CD. My favorite song is "someone like you", and if you haven't heard it.....you NEED to go HERE and watch the video. It is such a great song, and Adele is amazing. Even if you have heard it....you need to go to the video and see that version. You get to hear her ultra cute speaking voice. LOVE HER! (can you tell?) Her music has helped me through my grief so much.


October 4th brought me the most amazing pork chops I have EVER eaten. I don't know what I did....okay maybe it was my magic cast iron skillet, but OH.MY.GRANNY.PANTS.....so dang good. I wanted to marry these pork chops. MARRY them. Sugar Bear ate it up, like it was going out of style. If she gives something a seal of approval, it has to be good. :)

October 5th found us girls in a yarn shop. I haven't allowed myself to enter a yarn shop since before Sugar Bear was born. (yes, that long!) I have no business being in a yarn shop when I have a TOTE full of yarn at home. I had a good reason though. I was getting a gift certificate for a wonderful new friend who has been helping take care of Sugar Bear after school. I appreciate her so very much. I feel so blessed. Sugar Bear found the yarn shop to be FABULOUSO! Oh the softness....and the colors. So fun. She even found a set of knitting needles she wants for Christmas. It was a fun little detour after work, and school. (P.S. I didn't buy anything, I promise!)


October 6th was a beautiful Autumn day. I spent the VAST majority of it in an office. That makes me sad. I did take some time during lunch to nab a shot of this beautiful tree. I love the peeling red bark. It is one of my favorite trees.


October 7th was a Friday. You can't go toooooo wrong with a Friday, right? After work and school, we stopped by a store real quick to grab a few things, and I finally remembered to replace Sugar Bear's slinky. She had one, but a friend accidentally destroyed it. I promised her a new one several months ago. She was pretty excited to play with it again. Who doesn't love a slinky?


October 8th was a day of sewing for me. I got a lot done, and it felt good. Later in the day, we headed out to a birthday party for a friend. Sugar was very excited for this party, because she misses this friend a lot. It was a great party with popcorn, a movie, pizza, cake, cotton candy, and a craft. Seriously good time. This is the likeness Sugar made of herself. Such a fun activity. Good times.


October 9th continued our weekend of sewing and cleaning, and we added baking, cooking, and a really awesome potluck with friends. Sugar had such fun playing with her friends, and I always enjoy the adult time. There was good food......and good conversation. I made corn pudding and THIS amazing Pumpkin Butter Cake. Oh man.....it was so so so good! Can't wait to make it again. I took this photo of Sugar playing on a big tree stump that looked a bit like a throne. She loved being KING!


1 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

I love Adele too. Her music instantly puts me in a good mood. Sewing and baking sounds relaxing and productive all at the same time. Thats' the best way to spend the day in my opinion.

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