Friday, February 24, 2012

100 days of School

Some of these photos have peeked in on my weekly photo posts, and a few folks have been interested in what we have been working on.

Sugar Bear's School celebrates the 100th day of school each year. In the first grade, they are assigned the task of creating a 100 day project at home. They need to choose an object, and then take 100 of those objects and make something with them. EXACTLY less.

When we started thinking of ideas, the hardest thing was trying to come up with something we could easier have 100 of. Quickly we discovered the bucket of beer caps. Yes....BEER CAPS. My husband is a bit of a beer drinker, and he and his friends save the beer caps for a fundraiser that happens a few times a year at a local mini-mart type store. Needless to say....we had well over 100 bottle caps to play with.

WE quickly decided that we did not want them to say "BEER", so Sugar and I set to punching out circles of scrapbook paper to cover them up.


In an effort to make less work, we decided to push the paper circles into the bottle caps, rather than glue the circles to the top. This worked nicely.


It took much thinking to come up with a design for our bottle caps. I googled "bottle cap projects", and found some really amazing art. We were inspired to make a fish of our own. Sugar was very meticulous about how to place the caps. She worked really hard on the design.


Once she settled on the finished design, I hot glued it them all in place. We were so pleased to be done. Unfortunately, when we picked up the cardboard we found one MORE cap. ack.....poor Sugar Bear. She fretted so much trying to figure out where to add the final one. She finally added it to the mouth, but it took her awhile to accept the change to her design. She rather liked the way it looked before that last cap was added. The picture below shows it before it was added.


And here she is holding the final project on the day we turned it in. In this particular photo, Sugar Bear is pretending to hold her breath under water. tee hee....goofy little pumpkin head! ♥


She likes how it all turned out, and was so very excited to take it to school to show to her friends. On the big day, all the kids got a chance to hold up their project, and tell the class about what they made. I so wanted to be there, but I had a work engagement that I couldn't miss. I just know it had to been special though. ♥

5 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

We have a collection of beer bottle caps too. Her fishy turned out really cute. You guys rocked the 100 day project!!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I bet she had the coolest 100 day project in her class!

Michelle said...

wow that is awesome!

Arizaphale said...

That turned out REALLy well! I especially liked the idea of putting the scrapbook paper inside the caps. They would have been harder to glue the other way up anyway! But how did you get the water effect in the background? It is very realistic!
Huh. I know what we'd have to use if we did something like this! My husband smokes cigars and each one comes in a cylindrical, maroon, metal case. Looking at the quantity he has stockpiled, it's amazing he has ANY lungs left at all!!!!

Deb Crecelius said...

Wonderful idea
and wonderful result!

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