Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Week 72


February 6th was a typical after work/school errand day. On this particular day we were at Bi-mart grabbing who knows what????? I can't even remember what I needed, but I always enjoy having my little shopping buddy with me. I took a different shot of Sugar Bear looking at cards in the card section. She adores doing this. The musical cards are her favorite. When Mama has time to let her look......she is happy. She could spend an hour in the card section.


February 7th was a dark rainy sort of day. Work....school....dance......nothing new or exciting. Sugar Bear has been eager to write notes to me lately, so she set to work on the way home on a note and a picture. Wish I nabbed a shot of the finished product.


February 8th brought more and more and more rain. I grabbed this shot of myself standing in a huge puddle outside one of our favorite Chinese food joints. Sugar and I stopped by there to pick up some take out. We don't do that very often, so it was a real treat.


February 9th...well, I couldn't tell you anything special about the 9th, but I do know that I forgot to take a picture until late that evening. I took a quick shot of a new product we had found that week. These are diced up Prunes. Sugar Bear loves prunes, but really isn't all that found of raisins. These are perfect for sprinkling on yogurt and such. She loves them.

February 10th after work and school, Sugar Bear went and had a date with her Aunt Amy, while I went out with some friends for a friend's birthday. We had a yummy dinner that ended with this delicious cheese cake. Oh my, how I love cheesecake. Sugar had a good time as well. They went to the pottery place, and painted a Valentine surprise for me, then went out to dinner. They had never had a one on one date before, so it was really special.

February 11th was mama/daughter date day. Well....I guess you can call it that. We went to a local grocery outlet, then Walmart.....and finally stopped to try out the new frozen yogurt shop. It was fun. Sugar had never been to a yogurt shop before, so she was over the top excited. She asked if we could go there every week, so I think she liked it. :)


February 12th was a quiet Sunday at home. I took this shot of the bamboo plant Sugar picked out the day before. It was an early Valentine's day present for her. She love love LOVES the color blue, so it was perfect for her.


So there's a pretty boring week explained. One of these days, I'll be interesting again. wink wink....

1 Live It or Love It:

Susan said...

Looks like a busy and fun week! I love the card aisle as well, and yours is the third or fourth bamboo I've seen in blog world recently. I may have to get one!

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