Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Week 71


January 30th was a happy and healthy Monday. We love having daylight hours when we get home. It was lovely to be outside a bit, and get some serious snuggles in on Oshee......Poesheee....Minosheee....she is the snuggiliest bunny in the whole wide world. LOVE her. LOVE my girl....and the two together......so much love my heart might burst. ♥


January 31st sent me to the doctors for a routine-ish thing, and then a quick stop at Wal-mart before heading in to work. I might have been procrastinating when I found myself sitting in my truck taking photos of two crows. I couldn't help it....they fascinated me. They were obviously in a relationship of some sort. Mates???? Mother/child???? not sure, but the one was certainly taking care of the other. It was cute...in a crow sort of way.


February 1st was a pretty typical day for Sugar Bear at school. As for me....I helped at a Car seat Checkup station for a few hours at the local Fire Station. I always enjoy hanging with the other car seat nerds. tee hee....I snapped a quick shot of one of the trees outside the fire station. It has really felt like spring around here lately....but not yet....not yet.


February 2nd was a long long day, but Sugar and I were greeted upon our return home by The Hubby and about 15 fresh crab. sigh....we hadn't really had much this season. It was a delightful sight. Even better that The Hubby cooks it and picks it ALL! I didn't even have to lift a finger. It was so nice after a long day at work, then picking up Sugar Bear from dance, to dash back to work for a meeting. So good be home...and to have a yummy treat.


February 3rd was Friday....yes, Friday at last. We stopped off at the pet store to get a little food for our snake, Shiny. This darling little honey got the honor. Sigh....it surely isn't my favorite part of the month (don't hate me, Carol). The snake appreciates it, and that really is how the world goes round. Sugar is used to it, but neither of us choose to watch.


February 4th was a stunning day! STUNNING.....and I'm embarrassed to say that Sugar and I spent the entire day INSIDE. It is a shame....a real, real shame, but I had 456 things that needed to get done inside. sigh.....we did some fun things, though. We worked on Sugar's Valentines for her friends. We played a little, and just got to be together. That is always worth while.


February 5th was another fabulous day outside....and we stayed inside. I just couldn't find the motivation to go anywhere. I need some friends to push me.....push me to get out and DO! Sugar and I wrapped up her 100th Day of School project. It has been so fun to work together on this project.


5 Live It or Love It:

cat said...

Oh I would not have been able to feed the snake

Jen said...

I am glad you guys had a healthy week. That bunny is so cute. My kids would absolutely love to have a bunny to snuggle.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What was the project? I see lots of bottle caps. Would love to see the finished project if you got a picture of that! HA! ;)

Arizaphale said...

Now I'm not a huge mouse fan but I would have found it hard to feed a live one to the snake. I think our pet shops sell you pre frozen ones! And I would LOVE to know what that last picture is about. It looks wonderfully 'graphic'. What was the project?

Autumn said...

Eeek .. I would hate feeding a snake. I don't like mice but omg ... I couldn't do it. Bug asks every once in a while for a snake... no way! haha
Oh that crab looks sooo yummy. Even better that your hubby cooked it! :)

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