Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble, Gobble Good!

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you! I hope that today finds in you the presence of those you love, and that you take the time to truly have thanksgiving. One thing I am constantly aware of, is being exceedingly grateful for all that I have. I often say that I am blessed, and that LIFE IS GOOD! That doesn't mean that I haven't had my share of heartache, or that I have lead a life that everyone should aspire to, but it does mean that I know, and accept that this is the life I have. It is up to ME to make it what I want, and to always be looking for the bright and better side of life. In this....I find that I can be successful.

Several years ago, I started a gratitude journal, where I wrote 3 or more things I was grateful for each day. It really did help keep me in perspective, and it is a blessing to go back and read some of the things I was grateful for. I just spent a few minutes looking back.

April 2003
-I am grateful for beautiful blue sky. Sometimes when I look at it.......I can't believe how incredible it is. It truly is an amazing thing to look at.

-I am grateful for fun days with Friends. I love to scrap and chat, shop and chat, and chat and chat! I don't know what I would do without friends. :)

February 2003
-I am grateful for the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen the other day. sunsets can be soooooooooooo amazing. God is Good!

-I am grateful for a fun time learning to use my digital camera. I really think it will make picture taking fun! :)

January 2003

-I am grateful for a nice warm shower on a cold evening. I love standing in the hot water. it feels so good and is so relaxing before bed! :)

December 2002

- I am grateful to have had the opportunity to lower our home loan interest and time. It will save us a ton of money! That is always a good thing.

And Thanksgiving 2002

-I am grateful for a nice easy Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house. It was nice to see some of my extended family.

As you can see, my grateful thoughts didn't have to be BIG things....just anything that I could focus on that helped me see that LIFE IS GOOD. I am not certain why I stopped, but I am sure that I should start up again, and what better of a time to start than RIGHT NOW!

-I am grateful that the first thing my daughter says every morning is, "Mama!"

-I am grateful to be a trusted friend and confidante. It isn't always easy, but it is an honor to be the one people go to when they need help.

-I am grateful that I live close enough to family so that we can see them as often as we want, but not so close that there are visiting every day. wink wink...

-I am grateful for lovely, relaxed evenings at home, where Sugar Bear and I are free to sing, play and make cookies.

Gobble, Gobble Good Cookies indeed! I got this idea from the Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. Thank you!

Have a Super Fabulous Turkey Day!

9 Live It or Love It:

Summer said...

Cute cookies.
Happy Thanksgiving!

bellevelma said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Very cute cookies by the way.

Autumn said...

Wonderful post Corey. I know I for one am thankful you are my friend. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

holly said...

hey Corey that's a lovely post.

i'm doing gratitude journaling too. it's kind of gone off the rails with the whole nanowrimo-up-till-2-am thing, but dec 1st i expect to be back on track. it is awesome!!

jennwa said...

I love those cookies. They turned out so great. I am glad you had fun making them. I think it so great when someone does a project they get from my blog.
Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

I love the cookies!
Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.


Michelle said...

gratitude journals are a wonderful thing to have - and especially if you're having a tough day you can go back and see all the things you've found to be grateful for.

Sorry to hear Sugar was sick on Thanksgiving, hope she is feeling much better!

Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas said...

We made those turkey crackers, but we used a hershey's kiss for the face part!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Love this photos!

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