Thursday, November 1, 2007

She's The Cat's MEOW!!!!!!

Sugar Bear is a lot less rigid than her mama. When today's plans to go Trick or Treating with friends fell through due to a sick child, she didn't freak out. She didn't desperately rack her brain for a plan B. She just trusted that her mama would find an appropriate alternative to suit her kitty cat needs. The truth is...I think she knows she's the "Cat's Meow", and isn't afraid to flaunt it, and I have proof.

Enter Exhibit A.

This is Sugar. Does she look worried that plan A fell through, and that mama had to scrounge up a plan B? Nope not her. She is a "go with the flow" sort of gal. Look at her all kicked back and nonchalant like.

She even had time to give the camera a little cuddly kitty meow, when I informed her that we would be going to a local Community Church's Halloween Carnival on the way home. She nodded in approval, and proceeded to purr with delight. She likes to play it up for the camera.

She is definitely confident in her super model diva-ness, and I have proof.

Enter Exhibit B

This is Sugar Bear showing off her "oooooo I'm so cold" pose. If you ask me...she is totally rockin' it. The girl is good. I ALMOST believed the the crisp 49 degree breeze might be a little chilly.

When we got to the truck, it took little cajoling to get Sugar loaded up. She was all smiles, and full of Halloween Carnival hopefulness. It wasn't until the dang paparazzi showed up that the "GET IN THE CAR ALREADY, MOMMMMM.." looks came out.

She is convincing, and I have proof.

Enter Exhibit C.

Look into those pleading eyes.....who can resist those eyes? Those blue eyes get me every time....I have no power against them....I was in the driver's seat before she could say Trick or Treat, and we were on our way.

We arrived at the Carnival in true diva fashion....oh mama was in charge so we actually arrived exactly on time, but if it had been up to her, we'd have made a grand, fashionable late entrance. With two snaps of her fingers and .50 cents she was soon set up with her very first hot dog in a bun. Ummm....well excuse me, but even a diva's mama is aware of choke hazards.

She can be a dainty little eater though, and I have proof.

Enter Exhibit D.

Sugar also enjoyed her first Nachos. It was a little hard to eat with furry cuffs, but the girl managed to keep her sleeves cheesy free. She totally rocks like that.

When it came to the carnival games, Sugar didn't hold back. In true diva kitty fashion she totally conquered the bowling ball toss...

...and wasn't afraid to cheat....just a little at the bean bag toss. Seriously, who on earth would reprimand a hot pink and black kitty? The answer is: NO ONE....and she knew it.

Her favorite game by FAR was the "cupcake walk". As the music blared, she happily strutted her stuff around in the circle, and proudly announced the number she landed on when the music stopped.

Seriously folks, Sugar Bear dominated this game, and I have proof.

Enter Exhibit E.

We have eight make that SEVEN cupcakes to prove it. (Make that SIX, mama had a midnight snack.....shhhhh don't tell the kitty! wink wink...)

Sugar kitty even allowed a lowly carnival worker to kiss her hand.....ummmmm okay so maybe it was that she allowed the worker to paint a pumpkin on her hand, but you can't tell me she isn't working her diva authority here.

In the end, Sugar proved to not only be the "Cat's Meow", but somehow she managed to become Queen of the Carnival. After parading around the room with the other Halloween hopefuls, she was deemed Queen of the Costumes. FIRST PLACE BABY! She was totally purring like a kitten, but as regal as a lioness...and I have proof.

Enter Exhibit F.

As she clutched her prize, obviously worried that mama might take it, she totally nailed "The Wave!" Elbow, elbow, wrist wrist....repeat.

All the above evidence must lead to one fabulous conclusion. Sugar bear is absolutely, positively, totally fabulously the "Cat's Meow", and she knows it. I mean.....seriously.....only a true confident diva could be caught doing this.... public, and successfully proceed into the night only to be crowned "Queen of Halloween!" Rock on Sugar....ROCK ON!

27 Live It or Love It:

KatieBug said...

She is SO the queen of halloween! :)

Julie said...

Precious pictures, as usual, Corey. How cute is she??

Laura said...

Rock on, indeed, Sugar Bear! She's most definitely the cat's meow!

That costume is adorable! Congrats on the big first prize win!

Terry said...

She is so adorable! I love seeing kids in Halloween costumes...they are so adorable.

Mary Ann said...

I love all the pictures. Precious! The cake walk game was my favorite when I was younger at the local elementary school carnival too. That brings back fun memories. I love the last picture! Made me laugh outloud.

Summer said...

That is the most adorable kitty cat costume I have ever seen, made even more adorable by your little cutie!

Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas said...

What a cutie!

Autumn said...

Oh love the costume Corey. She is so cute!

Michelle said...

she is just darling in her costume!

Anonymous said...

She is so CUTE! And so grown up looking! And I don't even like kids! :) Great pictures as usual...some of my favs. -Heather

Heidi ( said...

What an absolute treat! To view these photos of the Queen Kitten within 24 hours of the event! Adorable! I love your comentary, made me laugh ("elbow elbow, wrist wrist...")and smile the whole read! And that was her very first hot dog and her very first nachos? Wow! She even wanted another hot dog! I can't even pick my fav picture, they are all super! (Your photography is top notch perfect! Guess it helps to have a perfect subject!!!)

mama bear said...

Looks like you saved the day! Glad to hear that you guy's had such a great and fun evening. We had a lot of fun, but I'm glad it's over. Whew!

mama bear said...

Oh, I love Sugar's costume by the way - you know who to pass it down to when she out grows it - or when you out grow it (wink).

Melissa Garrett said...


You tell such wonderful stories with your pictures! I always click away with a BIG smile on my face!

Secret Agent Mama said...

What a wonderful picture essay!! HAPPY DAY!!

Natalea said...

How absolutely darling!! Heidi (everyday cookies) sent me over to see your little sugar bear! Too sweet for words! xo natalea

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...


You made that costume, didn't you?

I love it!

david mcmahon said...

You're right about the eyes. The eyes are what get us, every time!!

WorksForMom said...

You're right. SHE. IS. the cat's meow. Those shots (and costume) were fantastic Corey!

George said...

I love the last picture!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Well of COURSE she won, don't be ridiculous, have you seen this child? She truly was scrumptious... geez look at that trophy. Hope she's not allergic to peanuts! ;)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh yes, she sure is! I love it - the photos and the post, you have the sweetest little kitty diva ever...

And congrats to Miss Sugar Kitty on the prize - that's one big candy bar! :)

K in the Mirror said...

You are a fabulous photographer, and she is gorgeous!

Deb said...

Those are PRICELESS!!

bellevelma said...

Gorgeous photos! Beautiful child! Awesome costume! Need I say more?

She won a giant Mr. Goodbar? Lucky little girl! That is one of my favorite candy bars.

Meghan said...

Those first few photos may be my favorites of SB ever. The costume rocks, and SB rocks the costume!

holly said...

the cutest kitten i have ever ever seen. :)

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