Monday, August 30, 2010

Crafty Tuesday~ Goes.....toothy!

Look at this darling little honey! See anything different about her?


Yup.....Sugar Bear has lost her first tooth. You might have heard me whining the other day about possibly missing the event....and sure enough....I did. I was a bit sad, but my girl called me from her grandparents house sooooooooooooooooo extremely, over the top, excited that I couldn't feel sorry for myself long. It was a wonderful experience for her.


Several weeks her tooth became increasingly wiggly, I jumped to action to create a super cute tooth pillow. I found a super easy tutorial online (gosh I love the Internet!), and loved every minute making it for my girl.


Sugar Bear named it "Toothy". I can't think of a better name, can you? Then we got busy waiting.....and wiggling. ooooo.....I just can't watch the wiggling. ick......


Until finally, she had success. That first tooth just popped out nicely!

That night, they placed the tooth gently in Toothy's mouth, and added a note in the back pocket asking the tooth fairy to please....please...please....not take the tooth, as "mommy hasn't seen it yet!" ♥


I hear that my girl....drifted off to sleep thinking tooth fairy sorts of thoughts. sigh.....wish I had been there.


She was rewarded in the morning, with 2 crisp dollar bills in the pocket, and her tooth still in Toothy's mouth. She could hardly wait for me to see it. Poor girl had to wait.....TWO more nights. The photo at the top of this post is the one I snapped within minutes of being together. I don't know who was more excited......her or I?


When we got home, I happily snapped the rest of these shots to document the occasion of her first lost tooth. It is taking a bit to get used to her new look, but it is growing on me. How could it not?


Oh, I lost a tooth,
Whatever shall I do?
I'm left with a window and my tongue is sticking through.
I laugh and I giggle each time I look at you!
Oh, I lost a tooth
Whatever shall I do?
~Author Unknown

8 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

Oh, how exciting. Toothy turned out perfectly.

Laura said...

Yay! Love the excited grin with the sweet little gap!

Autumn said...

I love the pillow! Wish I was handy... the tooth fairy has a hard time finding the tooth under the pillow at our house! ;) Just wait until the top ones pop out, now that look takes some getting used too! :D

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

How exciting!! I love the little tooth pillow! Very cute, both the pillow and Sugar Bear! ;)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I love the pillow and Sugar looks adorable with her new gap!

I'm sorry you had to miss it.

Kimberly said...

You are so.darn.crafty and Sugar Bear is over the top adorable with her new smile. :) Mama's love is shining through in this post for sure. :)

Marcelle said...

I remember when my children lost their first tooth, it was always the top tooth...and Sugar Babe lost the bottom.
She looks as beautiful as that color on her as well.

Christina said...

Is there anything sweeter than a gap-tooth smile?! I think not!! Just darling. Why am I not surprised that SB has such a cute little tooth pillow, too!

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