Thursday, August 5, 2010

Play, Play, Play......relax...Stress....Heal.

It has been a bit of a hold on to your socks sort of week around here. We went left, and right....and back and forth....and here and there....and then just landed on our face. sigh....

Day 329
(We all love the fruits and veggies at the farmer's market. Always a treat.)


Day 330
(The park is always a good time for everyone........usually.)


Day 331
(The county for all.....except for those that aren't tall enough.)


Day 332
(Searched out some peace...and quiet on a day that called for it....screamed for it.)


Day 333
(I can almost hear them.....can't you?)


Day 334
(Front and center in the bridal bouquet.........awwww... the details....I adore the details.)


Day 335
(Too much fun can come back and bite you in the heiny......poor sick Sugar Bear.)


Hosted by Chris

8 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...


Autumn said...

Poor little Sugar Bear. She looks so sad in that last picture. Glad she is feeling better. Bug was just commenting on going to the fair. Hope you guys had a good time. We make an annual trip to the state fair every Summer. It's kind of our last hoora before school starts.

Emmy said...

Love the fruit and veggie picture! That picture just makes all of that fruit look soo good, makes me hungry.

Sorry Sugar Bear is sick :(

Lisa said...

First Corey, your images are always so striking!

Secondly I am not a sadist but even though she is ill in that last image I LOVE it!
She looks sleepy, it's soft and somehow it just really takes my breath away. It really is absolutely dreamy.

Lisa said...

I forgot to add Please Get well Sugar Bear!!

Honey Mommy said...

Love Kitty at the county fair! My kids always want to go on all those rides!

Love all the kitty pics! Hope Sugar Bear feels better soon!

Andrea said...

Wonderful as always - sorry to hear that Sugar Bear is ill :0(

Christina said...

Wow, you have been busy!! I haven't been around so much lately, so I went to check in and found LOTS that I've missed!!

I'm sorry you've had some down times this past week...but it's all so beautifully captured as always! The photo of poo sick SB with Kitty - SO tender and sweet

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