Monday, August 16, 2010

A Fair Day

Jul2810_0237ew know....a few weeks back, The Hubby and I took little Miss Sugar Bear to the local County Fair. It was the PERFECT fair sort of day. It was mostly overcast.....the middle of the week....and no one was there! I love that! It is pretty common knowledge that I have issues. I like to think that before Sugar Bear came along I was fairly (tee hee) normal. Now, however, I tend to be a bit of mess at times. One of my hang ups is CROWDS. ugh...I just can't stand them, and I will avoid them at all costs. So a day at the fair....with really no one there.....a big thumbs up from Corey.

You might remember one of my other little issues from last year at the time. It seems.....Corey doesn't do heights when Sugar Bear is with her. has been confirmed. I absolutely do not like to be in high places when I have my darling daughter with me. You can't go to the fair and NOT check out the Ferris Wheel, now can you? Especially when your Sugar Bear has never EVER been on one. So, I happily jumped aboard with Sugar, and away we went.....right to the VERY tippy TOP, and stopped!

As our little bucket gently swung back and forth, Sugar obviously loved it.....

Me.....not so much. I immediately got extremely nervous, and felt like I might have an anxiety attack. I could hear the nuts and bolts clicking, metal on metal.....wondering how often these darn fair rides fall apart. I did a lot of positive self talk, and got myself calmed down for Sugar's sake, but I'm willing to admit that I didn't take a hand off her the entire time. All the while, she was just chitter chattering away, pointing at all the lovely things to see. Her joy was infectious.


I desperately wanted to get a shot of us together on the ferris wheel. This was no easy task. Even if I had been completely at ease, it would have been a toughie. I had to remove the camera strap from neck, hold the camera out as far as my arm could reach, and try to press the shutter button on the opposite side of the camera. All the while....trying not to drop it, and keep one hand tightly on Sugar. wonder I look constipated in this shot.

It really was a lovely view from up there, but I wasn't all that sad when the wheel finally jolted to a start, and began moving again.


I attempted a few more shots of me and my girl, and hoped I would look less nervous. I'm not sure it worked, but I'm really glad I took these, as there are so few pictures of us together.

I couldn't have asked for better company up on that Ferris Wheel. I delight in experiencing new things with my daughter. She loved pointing out all the teeny, tiny things below us, that are really big when we are standing right next to them. Round and round we went, each time relaxing into it more and more.


Again, I say, we couldn't have asked for a better day. I didn't have to worry about crowds....and I faced another fear head on. I think THAT is something to celebrate.


Life may not always be FAIR....but it is GOOD!

5 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

I did the exact same thing this year. My husband usually does the ferris wheel with my daughter, but he somehow convinced me to go this year. Heights don't usually bother me when it is just me, but I swear I couldn't have written your post. I felt the EXACT same way. Guess it is those motherly instincts kicking. I love those shots of the two of you together.

Autumn said...

It must be a momma thing. I get sweaty and panic stricken when I am with Bug in a high place!
This post reminded me of the time right out of school that we went to the fair together. I still have the old west photo we got together. Man that was a long time ago!! :) Glad you guys had a good time.

Aspiemom said...

Going to the fair is a great memory for kids and it sounds like you had some, too! Great pics!

Laura said...

LOVE the Mama/daughter ferris wheel pics, Corey! I gotta say...the stopping-at-the-top thing is one of my most EEEK-inducing experiences too.

What a sweet day of memories you had!

Christina said...

First of all, GOOD for YOU! I actually totally adore heights..unless my girl is in tow. Gorgeous photos, and at least Sugar Bear had the time of her little life!

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