Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Week 5


Yes.....I am VERY behind in the posting of this project. That just seems to be how my life is rolling these days. So much to little time.

The first shot was taken on Sunday October 31st. Halloween! and it is officially the ONLY photo I have of this day. :( I THOUGHT that I had already uploaded those pictures to my computer so I deleted them from my card, and then filled it up with other photos in the past few weeks. So they are GONE GONE GONE! No photos of the Halloween carnival this year. Bummer deal.

The second shot was taken on Monday November 1st.'s all about the snacks for my girl. She loves to purchase a snack after dance class. The frugal part of me has trouble with it, as the price isn't good for the individual bag of crackers. I get a whole box of the individual bags all the time, so I know how much they cost....but it makes Sugar Bear happy, so I do it every once in awhile.

The third shot was taken on Tuesday November 2nd. It was the first day of a three day training on the basics of breastfeeding and how to support mothers in successful breastfeeding journeys. This was a tree of knowledge that we all worked on. Near the roots were the things we felt confident in. The trunk area were things we were looking forward to learning more about from the agenda, and the leaves area were things we didn't see on the agenda but wanted more information on.

The fourth shot was taken on Wednesday November 3rd. YES.....that balloon is what it might look like........A BREAST! LOL we had so much fun in that training. It was by far the best training experience I have had in AGES, and I loved being in a room with a group of ladies that feel so passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding. ♥

The fifth shot was taken on Thursday November 4th. I was marveling at how BUSHY our little Tiny girl has already gotten this season. She has definitely put on her winter coat. Here she was enjoying some ears of corn that were a bit too tough for us to eat. She loved them.

The sixth shot was taken on Friday November 5th. Sugar Bear was visiting with her grandparents, and The Hubby was away on a hunting trip, while I was home with a bit of a stomach bug. :( As much as I NEEDED to get stuff done around my house, I was pretty lazy, and spent the day trying to get caught up on some shows I had DVR'd.

The seventh shot was taken on Saturday November 6th. This day I traveled with some friends to the BIG city for a fun girls weekend. I love to see the city at night. I didn't really get any good pictures though, as I was in a hurry before dinner. I'm all about the FOOD when I'm traveling. :)

So there you have it......a week in the life of ME! Exciting...isn't it? tee hee

4 Live It or Love It:

ibeeeg said...

I love these type of
Your photos look great. What program did you use to create the photo collage?

Kimberly said...

Actually, yeah. It is pretty exciting. :) So are you in the medical field then? Or are you expecting a baby and I just missed out?

Autumn said...

Oh I love these. I look at all the pictures first and try to imagine the story behind.. then I read what you write and see if I was correct or not. LOL
Blues Clues pumpkin? LOVE Annies cheese crackers.. so good (Mac and cheese too!) Sorry you had a stomach bug, I'm just getting over one too. :(

Christina said...

Yeah, I agree - it does seem pretty exciting! Love them glimpses into your life. What a cool training program!

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