Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Week 7


The first shot was taken on November 14th. I had a fabulous day of sewing, and Sugar Bear is in LOVE with this skirt. So FUN!

The second shot was taken on November 15th. Had to make a quick stop at a store to grab a sale item. You should have seen the looks I got from the cart guy who was coming to get these in the rain.

The third shot was taken on November 16th. Bath time is a special time for the Sugar and myself. We share our bath time so that we get more time together. We loved our splishy splashy time.

The fourth shot was taken on November 17th. This is a girl who doesn't like her picture taken first thing in the morning. I wanted a photo of her braid but...she just wasn't cooperating. It was a cold dismal morning. Can't say I blame her for being grouchy.

The fifth shot was taken on November 18th. This was the day when Sugar Bear and I were HEROS! We have never been so popular. Who knew all you had to do to get tons of attentions was to bring 7 baby bunnies to show and tell at Kindergarten? tee was good times. The kiddos are STILL talking about it.

The sixth shot was taken on November 19th. It has been raining for what seems like forever around here. I took this photo sitting at a stoplight on the way to get Sugar Bear after a long work day. While I didn't feel like rejoicing at the time, this photo reminds me that everything can be beautiful....even a rainy windshield on a dark afternoon.

The seventh shot was taken on November 20th. Another great day of sewing. What a happy day. Who can help being joyful when working with such happy fabrics? I'm all caught up on the "my week" project. if I could just edit some of the other photos I've taken recently, and get a proper post up. We'll see!

2 Live It or Love It:

inkyblog said...

i love the 7 day format :) i might just have to copy (if i can take a pic everyday, i am awful if rules are involved)

love her skirt - you are so clever!

Christina said...

One thing I love about you, Corey, is that your love for Sugar just infuses your life. you are such a great mama. :o)

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