Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Week 6

Trying to get caught up....but can't seem to do it these days!


The first shot was taken on November 7th, and it was literally an AMAZING night. My girlfriends and I had AMAZING seats at the So You Think You Can Dance tour. SERIOUSLY fabulous show. I am so not kidding. BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!! This photo is of Ade and Billy Bell doing the dance that depicts a successful business man and a homeless man. So very moving. I am so blessed to have been there to see such moving pieces of work. WOW!

The second shot was taken on November 8th. I splurged BIG time last September and ordered myself an Epiphanie bag for my birthday. My brother, and my mom both chipped in as well, but....what a splurge it was. It was back ordered, and finally arrived. I am so in love with it. It feels good to have a purse that also keeps my camera safe. Now it is easier than ever to have my camera and a few lenses with me at all times. :)

The third shot was taken on November 9th. I am so fascinated by these HUGE mushrooms that are popping up every where. Some people like to admire them...photograph them....and some people like to knock them over with their feet. I might be a little bit of BOTH those people.

The fourth shot was taken on November 10th. This is a product of, "Oh Pickle Juice! I forgot to take a picture today....now what?" I aimed my camera at the mushroom Alfredo sauce The Hubby made for dinner. Two mushroom shots in a row...but VERY different.

The fifth shot was taken on November 11th, Veteran's Day. This was the day Sugar Bear had been dreading. The day we gave our first little baby bunnies away. She had to get some last bits of snuggling in. All three went to great homes, so we are pretty happy.

The sixth shot was taken on November 12th. Again......almost ended my day without taking a photograph, so I grabbed my Pampered Chef catalog and took a picture of a few of the products I earned the catalog show I closed out that day. I can't wait to make these fun cookies with Sugar Bear this Christmas! :)

The seventh shot was taken on November 13th. Oh dear....can I really be getting this forgetful? Why yes....yes I can. Found myself at dinner time without a photo again. sigh....good thing we had really yummy toastadas that night. Would have been embarrassing to take pictures of the yogurt, crackers, and cheese like we had the night before. tee hee.....

So....there you have it. My week....a few weeks back. Hopefully, I'll have another posted on Friday, so I'll be all caught up!

4 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

So jealous of the first two pictures! But the one that I'm most jealous about is the one with your Hubby cooking! hehehehe Seriously, my husband NEVER cooks. :/ So sad because I HATE cooking and would love a break. :)
I get so darn excited when I see your blog pop up in my reader these days. I miss ya!

Christina said...

ooooh, an Epiphanie bag!! Lucky you. This week is the perfect mix of excitement and homey contentment. :o)

Kimberly said...

Umm, too busy drooling over the Epiphanie bag to comment on the other awesomeness in your life "that" week. :)

bBchronicles said...

Love your 'week' - always fun to peek into someone else's LIFE!!!! Congrats on your Epephanie bag - which one did you get!? Love it and happy birthday?

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