Friday, March 2, 2012

My Week 73


February 13th was a pretty typical Monday, aside from having the opportunity to grab a shot of the entirely finished 100 Day Project. I love that she had so much fun with it.


February 14th is VALENTINES day, of course. My sweet girl had a heart in her hair all day, and my heart in her hands, as usual. She gave me a lovely card she made at school. The Hubby got me a teddy bear and a beautiful new necklace. It was a super duper LOVELY day for certain. I gave Sugar Bear some new heart earrings. I didn't get a shot of them, though. I'll have to do that soon.


February 15th was a day that took toooooooooooooooooo long, for Sugar Bear. She couldn't wait to stop by the pottery place to pick up the Valentine's gift she made for me. She was OVER the top excited. I love it. Such a sweet little snail. ♥


February 16th it rained and rained. We've been getting a lot of rain lately, but we soooooooooooo need it. After dance, Sugar Bear picked up several cherry blossoms from under the tree outside the dance school. I started shoot some pics of the flowers, and then noticed that the lights from oncoming cars made some magic happen. I had to line things up just right....and the photos filled my heart with the joy that the simple things can bring.


February 17th went by with very little moments of interest. I nearly forgot to get a shot, so I quickly snapped a few of my new necklace. I was in a hurry, and it shows. I didn't get one decent shot. It is a beautiful heart with a mother/child at the bottom. So perfect for me. Sugar Bear went up to my parent's farm for the weekend. I had a nice evening alone with a good book.

February 18th was a day spent in front of the computer working on photos that are long overdue. I truly get aggravated with myself when I procrastinate too long. Later that night, I headed into town to join some hysterically funny ladies for an evening of goofy chit chat and laughs. It was exactly what I needed.


February 19th felt like a second Saturday, since Monday was going to be a holiday at home. Gosh, I love 3-day weekends. ♥ I worked on photos most the day, and then headed into town once again to meet an entirely different group of friends for a movie and dinner date. We saw, "This Means War", and I walked away with a GIANT crush on Tom Hardy. We had Mexican food for dinner, and my friend, Kim is always a source of smiles.


1 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

Your friend does look fun...the food looks good, but the restaurant must have been uncomfortable. Everyone is wearing coats.(I hate when I go out to eat and it is chilly in the building).

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