Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Week 75


February 27th was a fairly typical Monday, if breeding rabbits is on every 7 year old's "to do list". It is time to start making those babies, and Sugar Bear was WAYYYYYYYYYYYY more involved this year. She stood there and rooted them on. While I think it is also had it's awkward moments, like when the male gets so darn excited he mounts the wrong end of the female and Sugar would yell out, "OH Come ON! Where did you learn to do this, Mace?" tee hee....or when the female would mount the male, and Sugar Bear would yell out, "Take that! Now you know what it feels like!" was educational.....for EVERYONE. :) I snapped this shot of Sugar's boots and colorful leggings as she stood at the rabbit hutches. We can't wait for the babies to be here. Only 28-32 days.


February 28th was a scramble around and figure out schedules sort of day. Tuesday and Thursday are our late days, and this time it was really late. After Dance class we traveled to a town nearby to eat pizza, then install a car seat in a friend's car so that she might take my Sugar Bear to school for me the next day. I'm BLESSED with amazing friends. Thank you, H!


February 29th was Leap extra day! Something special, so while I traveled south with a friend for work....we tried not to DIE! There were hail storms allllllll day, and we came upon THREE wrecks because of it. I have post-traumatic stress with it come to hail. Just over a year ago I wrecked my truck on hail....traveling the exact same road. Thank goodness my friend, W, was driving and she was very careful, and cognisant of my stress. She got us there safely. During our meeting I became parched. I had the honor of using a vending machine for the first time since.....ummmm college. Yeah...I'm all sheltered like that. They were out of water, so I also go the opportunity to try something NEW. This is my first vitamin water. It was alright. I'll stick with regular water, though.


March 1st was uneventful...I think. So strange the weather around here is. Hailing up a storm one day.....and glorious sun the next. I nabbed this shot outside Sugar's dance class. There are few things I adore more than spring tree blossoms with a little bit of sun flare. ♥


March 2nd was a tough day at work.......I'm not sure I've had such a tough day in a long long long time. Lucky for was still lovely outside when we got home, and Sugar Bear and Ivy were up for some outdoor time. I was snapping the shutter left and right, and the light was so beautiful. Sugar bent to give Ivy a hug, and I encouraged her to pose with our big moose of an Ivy. This photo comes almost exactly a year after Ivy came into our hearts. I can't believe how big she is these days. She is about 80 lbs, and luckily....she is settling into her age, and isn't chewing everything up anymore. YES!


March 3rd was a stay home sort of day. This photo blesses my heart. This is US.....the way we are together. Both in our jammies late in the day......fooling around for some giggles. The truth is...I was doing the morning dishes while Sugar Bear was entertaining herself in her room. She called me into her room, and found her with her blankets stuffed in her pants to make a "big bottom". I cracked up and ran for my camera. She refused to let me take the shot. Later in the day, I asked her if she'd let me take a photo of her "big bottom" if I had one as well. She agreed, and oh my granny.....we had some good laughs together. LIFE WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD as long as my girl is by my side. ♥


March 4th started out in the house....but at some point I whacked myself in the head and said, "Corey......get thee outside!" So we wrapped up some cookie for our neighbor and took them over to her house. I walked....Sugar rode her bike....Ivy ran along, and we had such a wonderful afternoon outside. I'm starting to feel the healing powers of the sun.


3 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

I just love you Core, big bottom and all. haha. Seriously this weeks photos are fabulous and the story of Sugar and the bunnies... LOVED it. I miss you so much friend.. a trip to visit is really in order. :)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Great shots as usual but my favorite is the one of Sugar and Ivy. Love it!!

cat said...

My heart just melts at he Sugar and Ivy photo

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