Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Week 77


This week certainly made me wonder if it was Spring.....or Winter.

March 12th was a boring old Monday. I managed to grab a shot in my yard of some lily leaves sprouting up. I was going for the raindrops as it had been raining....and raining and raining.


March 13th was a HUGE surprise. We awoke to 6 inches of snow! WOW! What a treat. First real snow this year. Most snow we've had in ages. I took several shots of Sugar playing in the snow and shared them HERE. I took this shot of some snow hanging on the wire fence in our yard. This snow was so WET and heavy! There was sooooo much damage to the trees in our area. We lost power at Midnight on the 13th.


March 14th brought much of the same. Melting snow.....and still no power. Sugar had school.....and I had work. The Hubby borrowed a generator from a friend to get our fridge going. We were enjoying our wood heat, and making the best of it.


March 15th had us back to the normal type of March weather. Rain....and plenty of it. There was flooding everywhere. I took a bit of time off work in the afternoon to go to counseling. It was a good appointment. At the front desk, they have a basket of folded up colored paper. Each one has a thought for the day. THIS was what I got, and it was fitting. I took this shot in my truck under my rear view mirror. A good friend sent this to me a few years ago. I think of her each time I see it.


March 16th rained. That is all I can remember. I had let the entire day go by without taking a photo, and just looked outside, and saw my topsy turvy hanging from the eves....missing the tomato plant from the summer. It was drip drip dripping........


March 17th....was Happy St. Patrick's Day! Sugar Bear dressed me up, and she took few shots of me. We spent the day together cleaning house and playing games. It was good to be together. I am always feeling better after time spent with my girl. ♥


March 18th was a quiet Sunday. We went into the small town close to our home to gather groceries. I finally made an effort to make some Kale Chips. I've been hearing about them for ages, and I have to say, "not bad". In fact....rather good. Sugar wanted none of them, but that doesn't surprise me in the least. She is very choosy. I took this shot of the kale when it was ready to go in the oven.


I am soooooooooooooo ready for some beautiful weather. I just know it is coming soon....right. Maybe next week.

1 Live It or Love It:

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I think Sugar did a great job of dressing you up!! And I love the water dripping shot.

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