Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ ROCKS

Several weeks ago....and I do mean SEVERAL, I threw out the idea of doing "ROCKS" for our Team-Up Thursday theme. Berta was game and we went for it. THEN....I broke some horrible Internet rule and was banned from the Internet for 3 weeks. Then I just couldn't get my life in order enough to edit my shot and get it to sweet Berta in time to play along. So here we are finally sharing our results. Berta deserves a special present for being ever so patient with me. Love her! ♥

Berta's shot is so beautiful, and I adore the use of a fun tilt. I love the natural colors, and the water drops on the glass.

My photo wasn't what I originally thought of capturing for this theme, but when I found myself in the moment, it just seemed like the perfect idea. Capturing that idea was not easy, nor do I think I was particularly successful. You see.....I get motion sick doing something as simply as playing ring around the rosey. Just thinking about the ocean bobbing up and down makes me down right ill. The Hubby, on the other hand, nearly lives on the sea. He has been a commercial fisherman for 20+ years, and on the ocean since he was 5. We decided it was high time to find out if Sugar takes after her mama or her daddy in this particular area, so we headed out to sea. I took motion sickness medicines and still had to work hard at staying well. Taking pictures was NOT a good idea, but I risked it a few times. Sugar loved it, and spent a good deal of time standing in the center of the boat "surfing" the waves. she loved trying to keep her balance as the boat rocked and rocked. I am so pleased to announce that she is her daddy's daughter and handled it like a champ. The boat ROCKS....and so does she!


Please do head over to Megan's to find all the Team-up Thursday participants.

8 Live It or Love It:

Kerstin said...

what a rocking shot Corey - first when I read your theme and saw Sugar Bear I looked for some rocks in the background but immediately saw the rocking boat and rocking Sugar Bear - what a great idea and it again shows your art of working with those themes -well well well done! I cannot wait to play along next year but now have loads and loads to do..... but grabbing my cam every day even for a single shot makes me feel "good"... waiting for next week to come over :)

Autumn said...

Love it! So glad miss Sugar didn't inherit your motion sickness. I am just like you, I can't sit in swings anymore I get motion sickness so bad! On long road trips I usually drive because I get sick in the passenger seat. (Well that could just be hubbys driving... but I digress!) Looks like the day you went out was a beautiful day. :)

Jen said...

I love your take on "rock". Very creative. I am glad Sugar Bear seems to be ok with the motion.

Andrea said...

your photos both ROCK....great to have you back, have missed your inspirational photography xxx

Kimberly said...

I love, love how you think outside the box. And I'm impressed that you even took your camera along seeing how you might feel.

And yay for sugarbear taking after her daddy on this one. :)

Megan said...

what a great interpretation of the theme, corey! great pair:). and i'm so glad your daughter didn't inherit your motion sickness ;).

Christina said...

Welcome back!!! What a fun take on the theme! Love your creativity....and SB's grin. :)

Joanna said...

Funny how the idea of the theme sorta landed in your lap. Love your take on it! Berta's shot with rocks is so crisp and clear. Beautiful.

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