Sunday, October 10, 2010

That's One Beautiful Bride

Have you ever had one of those days when you are glad you didn't listen to your FIRST instinct? Days when you are just so grateful that you pushed yourself to do something that scared you? Oh have I been having those sort of days around here lately! In fact, every time I look at these pictures, I thank my lucky stars that I finally agreed to photography Jessica's wedding. I mean LET'S.GET.REAL.HERE! Jessica is just down right AMAZING! Not only is she one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever met, she is drop dead gorgeous, and the camera loves her. My camera wanted to wrap her up and put her in it's pocket, and keep her FOREVER!

This wedding has been one of the most challenging and rewarding days in my photography journey yet. It was extremely rainy, and I took most of the portraits standing in the rain while holding an umbrella to keep my camera dry. I totally had to up my game, and hope for the best.

I won't lie....I have had a silly smile on my face while editing these pictures for a few weeks now. I'm not sure I could have gotten a bad shot of Jessica if I tried!










Isn't she just plain stunning? I.can'! ♥ Oh and the laughing shots.....sigh....give me more of those! JOY!



Thank you...thank you...thank you....Jessica for trusting me with your wedding day. I'll never be able to repay you! ♥

P.S. yeah...I have more....lots more. sorry if if gets a little wedding-ish around here for awhile. I can't help it!

5 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

makes photographing someone so much easier when they are a natural beauty..and your bride is a beauty!!!
Well done ~ photo's are stunning stunning!!

Happy Together said...

Pretty pretty pictures! I think I might have to try her hair style :)

Autumn said...

She is stunning. What I think is really great is that her hair and dress go so perfect with the style of the building. I know it was a last minute (second!) choice but the outcome is fabulous. I just love it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who I'm more jealous of--her for being so darn GORGEOUS or you for taking such friggin' AWESOME pictures. The jealousy. It rages.

Christina said...

Oh my goodness! Your talent + her beauty = Total WOW!!!

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