Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ SMALL

It was my week to choose a theme and I simply had no idea what would inspire me. Looking back through some of the other Team-Up Thursday participant's diptychs I saw that many of them did "SMALL" a few weeks back. I emailed Berta the theme...then proceeded to let it slip from my mind. I had intended on really trying to think outside the box...or at least force myself to take a photo of something I have never aimed my camera at before. Great intentions.....not so great follow through.
Yesterday it dawned on me that I hadn't taken a SMALL shot, and I needed to get something edited and sent to Berta right away. However, as I drove home from my long day at the office all I could think about was getting home and checking on our baby bunnies. You see.....we have 7 one week old baby bunnies at home and they are so very fragile....and well......needy. Their eyes aren't even open yet. Our weather has been nuts lately, hitting lows of 36 degrees in the morning and highs of 76 degrees in the late afternoon. These poor little creatures don't know what to think. I'm anxious that they will not survive, so they are in my thoughts nearly non-stop.
Once home, I proceeded to gently remove each sweet baby bunny from the fur lined nest to check for full tummies, and growth. Sugar bear sat holding a few squirmy babies, as I kept saying over and over again, "Soft and gentle....fragile like an egg." to remind her of their delicate state. Once I completed my task, I finally turned to retrieve the last two from Sugar's loving hands, and realized just how SMALL these little honeys are. I ran for my camera, calling over my shoulder, "soft and gentle.....fragile like an egg." I returned to grab this sweet Sugar's SMALL hands holding our SMALL precious babies. It just melts my heart. I'm grateful for this wonderful life experience.

When I first saw Berta's shot, I literally GASPED! I mean seriously...look at it. it is breathtaking. I'm not sure if all the texture in that shot is strictly in camera bokeh or if she applied a post processing texture, but OH.MY.WORD what a photo. Please take the time to go over to her site and tell her how awesome she is.

Please do head over to Megan's to find all the Team-up Thursday participants.

9 Live It or Love It:

Cheryl said...

Wow! Both of these shots are amazing! How did you happen upon the bunnies? We carried for a few when I was young. My grandfather had accidentally run over their nest while plowing a field. I imagine the mother must have been killed as well and that detail was just left out for us. it was an experience I will never forget. I know Sugar Bear won't either.

bBchronicles said...

I just LOVE these baby bunnies - so small - so vulnerable - so adorable!!! Oh they would be on my mind as well but they couldn't be in better hands - they'll thrive with the two of you.

Thanks for the sweet words! The photo has NO textures added - it's JUST bokeh, plain and simple!!! One thing I forgot to mention was how the wings (if the photo was larger) were 'see-through' like delicate lace but I think you can see it a little.

Fun week - thanks again, 'pardner'!!!!

Autumn said...

Oh I love both of these shots so much. Berta's shot is simply amazing. Your shot is simply wonderful! So this is your second litter of bunnies? Are you in the bunny breeding business now? They are so precious and sweet! Good job of Sugar being super duper gentle. :)

Jen said...

Those baby bunnies are SO, SO small and precious. You can tell by the photo that Sugar Bear is being very gentle with them.

Cara said...

Oh, how sweet those little guys are! I love the little saying you have; "soft and gentle.....fragile like an egg." I will need to use that one with my kids. They love animals but can get a little rough at times.

Kimberly said...

My goodness they are SMALL and so fragile looking. Makes me want to touch one. Gently. :)

Jeanette said...

Aww at the cute little bunnies, and WOW at the bee

hipMomma said...

Oh goodness, every kid's dream! How lucky to have baby bunnies! That really are soooo tiny. I would just hold them all day.

April said...

Oh, I loved little baby bunnies as a little girl. We used to raise bunnies too. I have tons of pictures of me playing with them as a child. I love your pics!!!

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