Thursday, October 21, 2010


Around September 8th, our dear sweet Oh-She had her second litter of baby bunnies. Her first litter of 3 babies did not live past 12 hours of age. This was a difficult life moment for Sugar Bear (and me, too), but we survived it, and tried again.

This litter was mostly successful. One of the little babies we born outside the nestbox in the wee hours of the night, and did not survive. You see, baby bunnies are born with out fur, their eyes aren't open. Three others made it successfully into the nest and made their first venture out into our anxious hands 4 days later, and only for a few minutes, then back to their warm nest. In those four days, their fur started to grow. We had two charcoal grey, and one adorable.

September 12th



September 16th

Give them FOUR more days and we had some "so ugly they are CUTE" little bun buns! They remind me of hairy little Manatees. ♥ Still blind, but oh so snugly.

Sugar Bear is such a wonderful little caretaker. I find myself constantly worrying and uttering, "Soft and Gently.....fragile like an egg." But, I probably don't have to anymore....because she is so protective, and loving.


September 23rd

OH my heavens, people....ONE WEEK later and they went from "oh so ugly they are cute" to "oh my word I can eat them with a spoon!" (not really....I'm not a rabbit eater.) Seriously, though....look at them!



Look at that GROWTH. Rapid, rapid....seriously amazing growth. They went from helpless little squirmy beings, to fabulously fuzzy little bunnies.


September 28th

FIVE more days and you have bonafide bunnies on your hands. They are so attached to Sugar Bear. They love to be with her, and snuggle into her body.

They tentatively explore their surroundings....

Always returning for a cuddle. ♥


October 3rd

All three have turned out to resemble their father, Mace. They are seriously fuzzy little honeys. Sugar Bear is quite attached to Jumper, Thumper and Blackberry.

I'm not sure exactly how she is going to survive their removal from our home here in the next week or so....


I mean who wouldn't miss this three Grumpy Old Men? (okay, so I have not idea if they are boys or girls....ever try to sex a bunny? It ain't easy!)


Oh my yes....we are going to miss them! There might be some tears, but the arrival of these SEVEN little bundles, just might be our saving grace. We are so excited to watch their GROWTH.



11 Live It or Love It:

Donetta said...

oh Corey they are adorable! i love that she is experiencing this. it is a gift that will last a life time.

Gayle said...

I want one! Or two. Or all three grumpy men. I've had lots of rabbits over the years, but this breed is down right adorable. I would end up keeping them all.

Marcelle said...

I loved seeing how they changed...they like kittens in the fur and eye department.
But oh so cute for sure. Can see Sugar is very protective...such a wonderful child that one!!

Autumn said...

So you HAVE become a bunny breeder! hehehehe. Oh my goodness I think I'm in love with those super duper cuties! Bug is so jealous he wants one so so bad. I reminded him of all the animals we already have, I think my husband would seriously put his foot down... or divorce me. :P

Jeanette said...

OMW they are so so very cute!

Joanna said...

O! M! G! Corey! I cant believe how wonderfully cute these little babies you have are. I cant say Ive ever seen baby bunnies before. I can see why Sugarbear loves them! Great captures with her. Im sure she loved those photo session. :0)

Aspiemom said...

They are so adorable! I would love one!

Childlife said...

These have to be the most adorable series of bunny photos ever! You sure have an eye for genius with that camera of yours :)


Christina said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! That is total cuteness overload. I just can't get enough of them. So itty bitty and squishy and totally adorable. What FUN!

Kimi said...

Adoable!! Both Sugar and the bunnies!

Karyn Kuniyuki said...

Your pumpkin is hilarious! And these baby bunnies are precious, can't get enough of their sweet little fuzzy changing selves! Cute Cute Cute!

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