Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Week 23


March 6th......this photo grabs my heart.....pulls it out of my chest, and throws it against a wall repeatedly. :( This is the LAST picture of Daisy Girl. It is awful. I took it because the story of my day was worry over Daisy. In this photo she is in the bathroom right next to the tub. She hadn't really wanted to move that day, but obviously wanted to be with Sugar Bear and I for bathtime. This was something she liked to do. She would sit by our tub as we played in the tub. She would try to reach her nose in there and lick a wet arm or leg if it was near enough. I was pleased that she had found the energy to come in the bathroom with us, and really felt like she was getting better. Her sad eyes tell the story....and probably within 7 hours of this photo she passed away. My poor sweet girl. :(

March 7th was an awful day.....our hearts were broken, and I had to tell Sugar Bear about Daisy's death. This photo was taken shortly after I told Sugar Bear. The Hubby had put together this rustic cross for Daisy's grave, so that Sugar Bear and I could write something on it. I wrote "Daisy Girl" on it, and Sugar added, "We love you!" This photo makes me feel weepy.

March 8th.....a new puppy. Yes, I know it seems so soon...and was, but that is how The Hubby rolls, and has been a good good thing. You can read all about it here. Ivy is a cutie patootie!

March 9th.....Getting to know Ivy was the goal for the day. I could watch these two play together for hours.

March 10th was a BIG BIG BIG day for both Ivy and Sugar Bear. Show and Tell at school! What an adventure. They both LOVED it. Sugar Bear felt proud, and special, and Ivy loved all the attention. The children were are so wonderful. It couldn't have gone better.

March 11th could easily be described as an unusual day. Sugar Bear and I stayed home due to a Tsunami warning in our community. Our house is in the safety zone, while my work, might not. School was closed as well. girls had a PJ day, while The Hubby spent the day at the harbor on his commercial fishing boat making sure it didn't damage the docks if the big waves came in. While the swells were larger than normal, there was no damage done, so we are very lucky. Sugar enjoyed a rare day of sunshine. She is all about swinging lately. She taught herself how to swing on her own while I was away in Georgia last January. She is VERY proud of herself. She loves this shot because it shows how high she goes. She loves to yell out, "MOM! Look how HIGH I can go!"

March 12th was another lazy day at home. I was in the mood to bake, so I whipped up a batch of Rye Peasant Bread. I hadn't made it in ages...and yummy! I could eat the entire thing in one sitting if I wasn't worried about the calories.
So...there you have it...another week in the life of Corey. I'm gonna say that oddly enough....I have found this project to be harder than The Kitty Project. I am not sure why. I just don't feel very creative these days.

6 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Oh man I just cried through the first two paragraphs. Then I smiled... the circle of life, it fills the range of emotion.

inkyblog said...

the first two days were heartwrenching to read about Corey... such sadness and happiness within a week. beautiful pics to look back on xoxox

Jen said...

Man, oh man. What a week. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine what yu are going through. My dog is 14 years old. So I know I will have to deal with this soon too. My heart breaks for you guys. Ivy is precious though and I am sure a welcome distraction.

Anonymous said...

Condolences and congrats, Corey. That is the most beautiful cross I think I have ever seen.

Secret Agent Mama - Mishi said...

I love your week project! So awesome.

I'm so sorry about your Daisy. :( So sorry.

Enjoy that beautiful puppy.

Gayle said...

My Molly was about 8 and went quick like Daisy. She was gone before we even realized how sick she was. It's been several years now and we still miss her. We have had and have other dogs, but none will ever replace her. I'm so glad that Ivy is working out for your family. There is nothing wrong with quick healing.

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