Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Hurts our Hearts

You might find it odd that I have yet to post about our fabulous vacation to Disneyland, but some of you already know that we returned to a worrisome situation which resulted in utter heartbreak.

Our dear sweet Daisy Dog, fell ill while we were away, and died in the night the day after we got home. Our girl was only just turning 5 next month. We are not entirely sure of the cause of her illness, but suspect possibly Salmon poisoning. It has been a really tough experience for all of us. Gathering the courage to tell Sugar Bear that her beloved friend had passed, is easily one of the hardest things I have done as a parent. While Sugar Bear is very familar with death, she has not lost someone/ very near and dear to her heart.

Daisy was our girl. Our loving....loyal....dependable girl....and she is sorely missed. We have so many WONDERFUL memories of her.

There were times when she was so HAPPY!




but she could be so very SERIOUS as well!



She was always up for an adventure.



and she had a love of deep water diving.



She never wanted to be left at home.



OH, and she had a perfectly wonderful NOSE!


She was Sugar Bear's "little sister". They were always at eachother's side.


It seems quite fitting that exactly a year ago TODAY, I wrote a blog post dedicated to the growing relationship I was seeing between Daisy and Sugar. It makes me sad to know that my fear only a year ago has come true. Do go read that really defines what a big part of our family Daisy Girl was.

We are coping....Sugar has taken it very well so far. I'm not entirely sure we won't see some emotions later on down the road. There is a hole in our hearts in the shape of Daisy....that won't be easily filled.

Daisy Girl....we love...and miss you very much! ♥

12 Live It or Love It:

Just Jinny said...

Oh no. That is so sad. Sending love and light your way. Our pets are part of the family, it's always hard to lose someone (I haven't had to deal with it yet...I don't even want to think about it).

Suzy said...

Corey, I'm just so sad for you all- some of the pets I've lost have been amongst the worst bereavements I have ever had. Thinking of you all. xxx Suzy

Autumn said...

Good thing I work in an office at home cause the tears are just streaming down my face. What a sweet post. It's amazing how you thought of this very thing a year ago. We lost my lovely sweet old dog last Summer. She was old and we expected it but gosh it still hurt so much.
Big hugs!

inkyblog said...

Corey it worked to click on the link - thanks for figuring it out.

I am so very sorry and sad for what you're going through - she was so vibrant and beautiful and even though it was short, she had a great life full of love, with good good people. Feel better friend xoxoxo

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Just wanted to tell you again that I am so, so deeply and profoundly sorry for your loss. I hurt with you.

(Those "serious" pictures of her are just too much.)

Heidi said...

So sorry....hope you guys are getting through somehow.
Hugs, Heidi

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

So sorry to hear this. Pets really are part of the family. I'm sorry she had to leave yours so unexpectedly.

Marka said...

The great memories will always remain, in spite of the sadness, and help to make the loss bearable.

Lisa said...

Aw I'm sorry Corey.
Our animals are another part of the family and I couldn't imagine losing our dog.

Hugs to you and your family.

Lindy said...

How sad! Give SugarBear a hug from me!

Marcelle said...

I really enjoyed all your photo's of your other baby...and now feel so sad to see her again and to think she is no longer with you...this makes me so so sad, my first thoughts when I heard about her passing was how Sugar Bear would take this, so was nice to get your feedback.
I do feel for you all during this time.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog the other day, it means so much to me...
I carry Sugar's photo in my purse so think of you all a lot as well.,

Christina said...

Awe....... I'm sorry about your sweet doggie. Love & Hugs from Pooh's Corner.

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