Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can't Get Enough

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. -- Author Unknown

OH my delectable Sugar I just can't get enough of you! ♥ You bring a smile to my face each and every time I think of you. There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that I am the luckiest mama on the face of this great planet. I think sometimes....people don't believe me when I confess my great affection for you. They think, I'm not being "real"...that I'm simply not sharing the down and dirty of our relationship, but I can honestly say...that just isn't so. What you see is what you get when it comes to us two girls. Our relationship is transparent and easy. For THIS....I am forever grateful.


Sugar, I don't know if it's YOU....or if it's ME....or if it is a the crazy combination of US, but I do know that we are like "peanut butter and chocolate" "hide and seek" "the sand and the sea." We are meant to be together! I don't really know what I did to deserve this incredible experience of being your mother....but whatever it very grateful. I love that I'm always happy to see you. I adore that you are always excited to see me. It makes me feel happy inside that when I do your very best to meet my need. I only hope that I reciprocate on a consistent basis for YOU. I have always looked on our parent/child experience as a team effort, and I love to see that we often beat our personal best....together.

All to often, my dear readers, I shy away from talking about how parenting is going for me, because people tend to think I'm not being honest, or that I'm gloating...or that I think I "know it all." I find it unfair that I can not freely express my joy in the success that is our parent/child relationship, but others can talk all they want about the things that drive them nuts about parenting...or their child....and so on, and so forth. I want to feel at ease with discussing my personal relationship with my child. I want to feel okay in declaring how easy it is to be Sugar Bear's mama! I want to not feel guilty, or defensive...or silenced.


Do I think I'm the "best mama in the whole wide world?" I think I'm the best mama for my Sugar Bear. DARN TOOTIN' I DO!!! I also believe that I have done a pretty darn good job being true to my parenting style. I believe that I have parented purposefully, and that I have a right to be proud of that accomplishment. Gosh darn it...parenting isn't easy for anyone....and if you think I haven't had to put my whole self into it, you are sorely mistaken. The good news.....I'm having fun doing it. I am. ♥ and I just CAN'T.GET.ENOUGH of my amazing girl.


For the record, just because I'm proud of ME...doesn't mean I'm ashamed of YOU (the parent reading this). I'm allowed to celebrate all that is ME, without being accused of passing judgment on YOU, right? I don't know what is in your heart.....I am not in your house...or in your head, but I'd like the opportunity to share what's in my head without feeling like a braggart. Can I do that? Cause I'm bursting at the seems with JOY....and LOVE.....and SATISFACTION. Life is good! Sugar Bear is AWESOME! and gosh darn......I'm pretty cool, too! :)

6 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

I think it's lovely that you and Sugar are so close. I think that your relationship is unique. It works really well due to a combination of:
1. Your personalities mesh very well together.
2. Your parenting style.
I'm positive that you would be a fabulous parent to any number of other personalities but the way your two personalities mesh and the way she responds to your parenting style makes for a very special relationship.
I have a relationship with my boy that is unique to us, a bond and closeness that isn't easily matched. But it's not the same as yours and Sugars and I'm very OK with that too.

O Schrock said...

Great photos of a charming little lady!
Glad to hear of your excellent relationship with your daughter! As I have a daughter and a son, I can definitely agree with you that parenting is tough and isn't for everyone - but with God's help, it's possible!
You got the key right when you said that you've put your whole self into parenting! Sadly, I think that way too many problems start when the parents are just "too busy" to be the parent that they must be!
Keep up the good work!

Gayle said...

Girl, you shout it from the roof tops! It isn't gloating, it is truth. You have a unique bond, one that isn't marred with "other stuff". While other Moms wish for the same it doesn't always happen. We can love our children just as much, but some of us just have some sort of bad luck that follows all that we do. Rejoice that you do not. It makes me happy to read your good times and does not make me feel bad...just wants me to work harder at reaching the same place you are. Keep and Sugar are appreciated.

Marcelle said...

You are the perfect combination...its wonderful to read your love for your child ( even if I know every mother feels exactly the same ) its wonderful to read your words.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Girl, it's YOUR blog! Say what you want to say. The fact that you and your daughter have such a wonderful relationship is something that should be celebrated not hidden!

Christina said...

Your and Sugar Bear's relationship is beautiful. and awesome. and wonderful. I am so happy for both of you. She is blessed and so are you. <3

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