Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Week 25

myweekdiptych26web March 20th was a day at home. I had lots of things I wanted to accomplish, but things got waylaid by an unexpected visitor. One of The Hubby's friends came over with his girlfriend, and her darling little 3 year old. While I wasn't really in the mood to entertain, Sugar Bear was very excited to have a "friend" to play with.

March 21st sent me searching for some sunlight. While I didn't find it....I did find something sunny to photograph. It has been raining here for a month...I swear....rain....rain....rain....but...this flower gave me a bit of a boost in mood. I really needed it.

March 22nd rained as usual, but it happened to stop for a short time, just as we got home for the day. Sugar hasn't had a chance to drive her Jeep in months and months, so we pulled it out, and she gave Ivy her first ride. It was super cute......but....Ivy didn't really LOVE it. The seat was too slippery, and she kept falling off when Sugar would stop.

March 23rd was a Wednesday.....and a rainy one at that. Again...I needed to find some color...some happy...some SPRING. I loved this shot with the water droplets nestled in the flower. I need to remember to take time to notice the little things.

March 24th sent Sugar Bear to Grandma and Grandpa's farm for a few days, and I had some time to get things done. My Aunt was down having a little personal vacation, so I met her at the coast, and had my favorite Fish and Chips.....then I took a few pics with a NEW LENS at the jetty. The weather wasn't very good...kept switching from rain to sun every 30 minutes, but I got a few shots in to test out my new lens. This Seagull was happy to have some attention. :)

March 25th I stayed at home in my jammies the entire day, and finished up some pictures that I so desperately needed to get edited. It was a good day to be inside, but I had to take several trips outside with little Ivy for Potty Breaks. She is so curious, and HARD.TO.PHOTOGRAPH. Man....I so wanted to test out my new lens further...but she wasn't not at all cooperating. :(

March 26th I picked up my little Sugar honey, and took her to a local fire station for a friend's 5th birthday. It was a great party, with the most wonderful children. Usually big get-togethers drive me bonkers, but I had a really good time. I chit chatted with a father of one of Sugar's daycare friends, and really learned a lot about him. I like getting to know folks better.

As for the lens....ugh...this weather is not giving me the situation I want to fully test out this lens. I purchased it for myself...but my motivation was for the THREE weddings I'll be doing this summer. I really want to see how this baby works in sunlight. Come on sun.....say Hello to Corey. She misses you.

2 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

Well, for being uncooperative I think that is an adorable shot of the new puppy. I would love to have some shots of Millie like that, but she is a spaz. She insists on running up in my face and I can't get anything, but a blur of her nose. I guess I should be thankful she loves me so much.

Autumn said...

Bokeh! Love that shot of the daffodil. I do believe that today will finally have some sunshine, just wish my new camera was here to try out. It finally shipped yesterday. Should get it Monday or Tuesday. YAY!

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