Sunday, March 20, 2011

Playful Moments


I know...I know....I haven't posted my Disney pics...but to be honest...I'm overwhelmed by the amount of pics I took, and haven't really edited but a few of them. I have other pics I NEED to be working on.....NEED TO, so I'm not really allowing myself to touch the Disney shots until I'm done. Sort of punishing myself. Yeah....bad Corey!

But....I did sneak in a few edits of some of the photos I took after Disney while we were still in Orange County with Carol and her family. THIS is the REAL reason we went down there. I wanted soooooooooooooooooo badly to meet Carol....and take pictures by her side. It was everything I dreamed it would be. EVERYTHING!!! The kids had fun....but I'm certain Carol and I enjoyed ourselves a little bit more. We happily snapped away. Sigh.....BEST of times.


These were taken on our last day there. We went to a fun place......of which, I can't remember the name. tee hee.....BUT....I'll never forget what it FELT like to be there among good people.


There is no better way to bond a friendship like playing together. While the children played in their own ladies played in our special way. It was such a special treat.


Every single day since we've been back....our minds drift back to our trip, and while Disney was a treat.....creating bonds that will last a lifetime.....priceless. We miss them.


They brought out the BEST in us. Watching Sugar Bear bloom under their gaze.....was fabulous. Seeing their fondness for her grow....was something I'll be forever grateful for.


There are just not enough words to express how wonderful it felt to be a part of their family for a few days. We are truly blessed!


2 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

Love these photo's of beautiful Sugar Bear...her smile, the matching outfits, the fun times and boy, has she gotten so tall....keep her small!!!

inkyblog said...

i have tried and tried to comment. i am loving seeing your pics from the trip, makes me so happy xoxox

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