Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Dandy of an Evening


For one reason or another, my parents end up with a calf that needs to be raised on the bottle about every other year. This year's little honey is Dandelion.....AKA Dandy. Like all the previous bottle babies....she is a real sweetheart. It is hard not to fall a wee bit in love with these precious little bovines.


Sugar Bear loves going to her grandparents house when there is a bottle baby. I mean who wouldn't love a chance to feed the baby? She takes TWO bottles these days.


She might be a bit of a BIG baby, but a baby she totally is. She LOVES her bottles. ♥ yummy...yum...yum!


and we love to watch her drink them. At least I do. I get such a kick out of all the precious little pieces of this calf. There is just something about that big wet nose.


and the drooly......foamy chin. I love that you can see her tongue in this shot. Like all mammals, she suckles the same....with that tongue. ♥

But honestly.....I'm sure you will all is the eyes that have it. Her adorable, get lost in them, big brown eyes. I think we can all admit that Dandy is pretty darn cute. Throughout the entire meal, this was Sugar's view......... (pretty awesome).


and this was Dandy's view.....(darn cute, too). What a perfect little pair they are, yes?


Don't you just want to reach out and give her a little scratch on her forehead? It's hard to resist.


I can't think of a better way to end out day at the farm. It sure was a dandy of an evening.

7 Live It or Love It:

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

How cool is that?! I love the spots on her head. What an adorable "baby"!

Autumn said...

Awe, so cute! How fun for Sugar.

Jen said...

Sugar Bear looks like a pro at bottle feeding. Sweet series.

Kris said...

Great pics, what a beautiful girl & cow. :)

This brings back memories of my childhood, visiting my grandparents and feeding the babies.

Mama Zen said...

These are so cute! And, Sugar Bear looks so grown up!

Marcelle said...

What a wonderful life your Sugar Bear has....she is so blessed.

inkyblog said...

so so ridiculously jealous of your bottle baby! the cutest pics EVER xoxox

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