Monday, June 27, 2011

My week 38


June 19th Sugar Bear and I went down in the pasture land in front of our house to watch The Hubby work with Ivy. He is training her to be a bird dog. She is VERY smart. We think she might be the smartest of all the dogs we have owned. She LOVES to fetch, and listens really well to direction. The Hubby is really enjoying the process of teaching her. That hasn't always been so for him. It takes a ton of patience, and he doesn't have a lot of that. Ivy just gets it so quickly. That is a good thing.

June 20th Sugar Bear and I had a date night. There is a local Chinese food joint that only her and I go to when we want some special "girl time". We love the flowers and the koi pond out front.

June 21st was a play group day at the park, and the kiddos had fun....but the mama's, well....we wanted more. The kids didn't seem content to just play together. They wanted snacks...and more snacks....and our attention. We wanted to chit chat in peace. It's okay...another day it will work out. We'll bring more snacks next time. :) This little ladybug was a good distraction for awhile....a very short while.

June 22nd was the day after Ivy was spayed. I wanted to document how her incision looked. It is almost a week later, and it is NOT looking good. I'm taking her to a DIFFERENT vet tomorrow to have a look. Please send good healing vibes her way. Thanks!

June 23rd I felt like baking. I made these copy cat girl scout Samoa cookies. They aren't exactly "it", but they aren't something to snub your nose at either. I should know...I've eaten nearly the whole batch.

June 24th was mostly a stay home day. We had to run a few errands late in the day, so the light was quite nearly golden when we returned home. Being that I always have my camera by my side, and I could hardly imagine another day going by with out getting some picture of someone...anyone really in our field of daisies. I asked Sugar Bear if she'd play along, and she was game. We climbed over the gate, and had a little bit of fun. I'm so glad we took the time. I got some of my favorite photos in a long time. :)

June 25th was truck washing day. It happens about 4 times a year. Yeah....we are cool like that. It just seems like a waste when you live on a gravel road. We do enjoy the rare wash days. Sugar likes to run the hose. I like seeing her washing the big truck in her froggie jammies!

2 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I hope the dog is going to be okay. Getting spayed is pretty routine...shame that it isn't going well.

Looks like you and Sugar are well on your way to a summer to remember. :)

inkyblog said...

i hope the pup is feeling better, i know when the kittens were spayed a lump of scarry tissue appeared after a few days but it went away.

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