Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Week 34


Oops....I thought I posted this one already. I've been a bit scattered these days.

May 22nd Sugar Bear spent the day with her Uncle and 2 cousins. She was elated that they went to her favorite park. Mama just doesn't seem to get her there enough. It is out of my way, and during the work year, I rarely find the time to take her to the park. The summer....that is another story. We go to the park about twice a week. :) Sugar loves it. She is a swinging fool.

May 23rd found us back to our normal sort of week. Sugar loves to help me drive on our road. She sits on my lap and steers. She is getting really good, too. I grabbed this shot of her "driving" when we stopped to get the mail.

May 24th we attended "Family Math Night" at Sugar's school. There wasn't a very big turn out, but for those of us that were was fun. We went around to different stations and played math games. Sugar won a door prize, which was the game "Farkle".

May 25th I couldn't help but photograph the fruit and yogurt parfait I made for Sugar Bear. She loves them....and so do I. So pretty....and good for her. :)

May 26th was a BIG day. BIG BIG BIG! Sugar bear was in a class play. She was the sparrow in the production of "Chicken Little". She choose her part, and it didn't come to a surprise to anyone that she picked the part that had the least amount of speaking. As she practiced and practiced, and performed the play for the 4th graders, she realized how very much she liked doing plays. She told me the day before the performance that she wished she had chosen a bigger part. Her teacher must have picked up on her desire, as she asked Sugar if she would like to introduce each play.....and she said......YES! It was such a lovely surprise for me. She was so brave out there on stage alone. What a BIG thing for my girl. ♥

May 27th I made the most amazing broccoli salad. I could seriously eat this all day long.....every single day.

May 28th was scary. I have a little vampire following me around the house. tee hee....she found these vampire teeth she won at her school carnival, and couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror with them. What a hoot.

It was a great week.

3 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Oh it looks like a really good week. I hope you are enjoying your Summer break. I'm hoping the Summer weather starts to actually make an appearance soon!

Jen said...

Another fun week. The shot of Sugar Bear driving the car cracks me up. We love parfaits at our house too. Putting them in a clear glass is a must.

Jeanette Verster said...

Oh LOL that first image on the swing is quite funny

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