Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spur of the moment

We have this gorgeous field of weeds.......ahem...I mean daisies, out in front of our house. The other evening, when we returned home, I spontaneously asked Sugar Bear if she'd let me get some pictures of her in the field of flowers. She reluctantly said, "okay, mama!" She was hungry and had to pee. Poor girl. I assured her it would only take a minute. :)


Or five......or ten. For awhile I just let Sugar walk around and explore. Usually, our mini horse is in this field, and we don't venture down there all that much. The horse comes up in the yard to see us....we don't go to her. We are lazy like that. tee hee.......but who knew her field was so wonderful?


It is perfect for skipping......running...smiling.....and laughing.


ooooooo and for posing pretty. ♥


Real pretty!


Oh my girl.....what she won't do for her mama! ♥ I just asked her to give me a few poses with the flowers, and she didn't disappoint.


You'd think a child who has had her picture taken about 5 days a week for....ummmmm....her entire life would be awful about the camera, but she isn't. She loves her mama, and knows how much I love to take her picture. She is a gem, my friends. ♥


and I like to believe that she gets a kick out of it too. I don't think this is a fake smile? do you? It's in her eyes....the joy.


oh the light in these was my favorite time of day....the golden hour. So lovely. Makes for some yummy bokeh.


There are billions and billions of daisies in this field. I'm pretty sure my neighbors hate it, since they are weeds, but I think they are beautiful. I love to look down there and see them waving in the wind.


They are a bit pokey though. So sitting in them isn't as relaxing as it appears. For this....I ADORE and CHERISH the next few pics all the more. My girl is such a good sport.


And fun....she is fun....can't you tell?


oh and sweet....this was her idea. "I'm sleeping mama! I'm a sleeping princess!" ♥


In the end....she is a princess that loves flowers....and bugs....and snakes. She is an explorer....and I love photos that show her examining things. She is always soaking up the world. There is so much to learn from watching her. She took my "just a few minutes to take some pics" line, and ran with it. She absorbed the moments. She made it her own.


She learned what the world looks like while laying deep in a field of daisies. Why didn't I just plop myself down next to her?

Next time I will!


I promise!

9 Live It or Love It:

inkyblog said...

sooo amazing! your life is beautiful, Corey (and so are you:) give your girl a hug from me xoxox

Susan said...

My answer to someone who poses the question “Is that a weed?” is to answer, “It depends on who you ask!”

I love your flower field, and what gorgeous photos! I especially like the sleeping beauty one. Just precious!

April said...

How you know me, okay, so you don't know me, but oohhh how I love, love, love daisies!!! These are so beautiful!!! My favorite flower ever!!!

Nickolaus Cave said...

I love these! There is something special about little girls in a field of daisies! ♥

Jen said...

Those don't look like weeds to me. Simply breathtaking!!

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo pretty. I love the first one best. :)

Marcelle said...

She is a treasure, you are so blessed to have her to photograph..
What a lovely shoot as love love it.

BTW, do you use a reflector when you shoot outside..this course encourages one to use this ~ so now going to buy the set they recommend.

Jeanette Verster said...

what an absolutely amazing field!! Such beautiful photos!

Lisa said...

The sleeping one....UMM LOVE!
That is my favourite image ever of her!
Canvas that one, and canvas it L.A.R.G.E!

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