Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Week 86


May 21st was a basic Monday.  I can't remember much about it, but I do know what we had for dinner because I took a picture of it.  tee hee......  Okay....this is NOT health food, people, but it is good. It reminds me of eating a cheese burger, taco, and a burrito alllllll at the same time.  Please don't knock it until you try it.  My Sugar LOVES this.  We call it our Frito Burger.  TRY IT!

May 21 2012_0007ew

May 22nd was a rainy Tuesday.  We had quite a bit of rain around this day.  I remember that.  I took this shot of the bear that hangs outside our door.  She looks like she is held hostage by the rain.  I know what that feels like. 

May 22 2012_0006ew

May 23rd was a nothing special sort of Wednesday.  I really wasn't at all sure what I might photograph until Sugar Bear spotted this funky bug.  We see about one a year.  It is some sort of Weevil.  I get a kick out of photographing it.  I love to see our beat up deck wood in this macro.  I love all the texture in it.

May 23 2012_0011ew

May 24th was rainy it appears.  And this is a flower in on our deck.  Yep....That's what I remember about that.  While I can't always add something to the blog about that particular day, I can have the memory of something I saw that day.  I have a beautiful life.  That is for sure.  (I remember now, that we got home early that day because Sugar wasn't feeling real well, and didn't want to have Dance Class.  She had been battling a cold all week.)

May 24 2012_0004ew

May 25th was supposed to be AWESOME!  Sugar had school, The Hubby would be out shrimping and I would take a vacation day from work to just plain ol' be ME.  It was supposed to be a ME day.  Instead, I woke up sick.  REALLY sick.  The kind where you start to wonder if your child needs to be reminded of the emergency procedure in case you pass out kind of sick.  I couldn't get my Sugar to school, so she just stayed home with me.  She was such a good little care taker.  I'm a lucky mama.  She spent quite a bit of time on the computer playing educational games while I rolled around on the floor trying not to die.  (yes, I'm dramatic like that.)

May 25 2012_0004ew

May 26th was a stay home day, thank goodness.  I was healing up, and set to the hard job of trying to SELL these cute little darlings.  I took lots of pictures and posted them on Facebook.  I sold two, maybe three.  Only 4 to go.  :)  The one in the middle of this shot went to his new home this past Sunday.  :)

May 26 2012_0004efb

May 27th was a lovely day at home.  I was feeling much better.  Sugar Bear and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood.  I learned that my bum cheeks are not longer friends with bicycle seats.  In fact....they are enemies.  Not good news.  I still have to be careful when I sit down.  We find some lovely flowers to photograph, and just plain enjoyed being together outside.  ♥

May 27 2012_0032ew

Life is sooooooooooooooooooo Good!  I can say that now, because I'm no longer lying on the floor wondering if Sugar Bear remembers how to call 911.  :)

6 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Eeek sorry you were so sick! Every time we look at pictures of the bunnies Gavin squeals. :P

cat said...

Hope you are all better by now - those bunnies are super cute. Love the bug photo

unikorna said...

astonishing have a magic camera

Anonymous said...

Sorry you were sick...hope it was short-lived! Those bunnies are TOO much.

Donetta said...

Hello Cory so sorry to hear of your ordeal but glad you rebounded well, maybe it was the burger...hahah
Big hug a silly smile and fond thoughts.

Gayle said...

Funny that you start out with a frito burger and then a few days later are dying! LOL The burger does look's like the frito pies they sell at sporting events. Glad you bounced back quickly.

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