Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Week 89


June 11th was a day we'd been waiting for allllllllllll year long.  The Butterfly Pavillion fieldtrip.  WAHOOOOO!  The First and Seventh graders raised some butterflies from catepillars, and we headed northeast to a great place to release them.  It was super duper fun, and I was so glad to be able to tag along.  I love having my summers off from work.  :)  Here is Sugar Bear and her 7th grade book buddy studying some deceased butterflies.

Jun 11 2012_0005-2ew

June 12th was the LAST day of school!  I simply can not believe that my little Sugar is NOW a second grader.  I know people say it all time, so it feels cheesy to say it, but since when has that ever stopped me?  I mean seriously folks....have you read the stuff I used to write on this hear blog.  CHEESE doesn't even cover it.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm like a bit over the top too much in love with this special little person, but then I remind myself that everyone deserves to have someone who always thinks the BEST of them.  Someone who loves them for doing nothing at all.  Someone who thinks they are smarter......funnier.........cuter.........sweeter........than any one else.  Everyone deserves that, right?  So I'm her someone!  She worked hard this year, and I am so proud of her.  Here she is on her last day of First grade wearing the same outfit she wore on day one.  She is hold the "Thank you" gift for her teacher.

Jun 12 2012_0002ew

June 13th was quite nearly the AWESOMEST!  At least that's what Sugar Bear thought.  It was the "ALL School Pool Party!"  What's not to love about that?  She had such a fun time playing with all her school friends in the pool.  I had so much fun watching her mingle.  She really got around.  I loved that.  I was able to see how much growth she has had this year.  My girl is still shy, but BY GEORGE.....she made lots of friends this year.  I love it!

Jun 13 2012_0028ew

June 14th was the first offical day of summer vacation for Sugar Bear and we made the most of it.  We had a little fun with a fan.....and an air compressor.  tee hee......Sugar had been wanting to cut her hair short.  I told her that if she waited until after the Dance Recital we would cut enough for Locks Of Love.  She was quite interested.  However, recently she decided that she wants to hold on to her long hair for awhile longer.  We had to much fun with her long, long hair. 

Jun 14 2012_0137efb

June 15th sadly brought sickness to our home.  Sugar started out the day soooooooooooooo very excited to spend the day at her old daycare, so that mama could attend a meeting at work.  Not long into the meeting, I got a call saying that Sugar was vomiting.  :(  boo hiss.....what a horrible way to start the summer.

  Jun 15 2012_0004ew

June 16th we just stayed home letting Sugar Bear recover.  She didn't have much energy, and the vomiting lasted about 24 hours.  Poor sweet girl.  Later in the afternoon, we spent a bit of time outdoors enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.  The freshair did Sugar a bit of good and perked her up a bit. 

Jun 16 2012_0013ew

June 17th found Sugar still feeling like she had to lay low, so we just hung out and played in her room most of the day.  This is one of her favorite little toys, duckie, riding a little while pony.  Sugar has never been much about playing pretend by herself, and I'm not much good at it.  Lately, however, Sugar is getting better about playing on her own, and this is fabulous.  :)

Jun 17 2012_0007ew

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