Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Week 87


May 28th was a Memorial Day.  We ran errands all morning, then treated ourselves to an ice cream. 
Sugar Bear always thinks it's special to get ice cream in a cone.  I always feel a great need to capture the "eat it all" on the cone.  I love that.  Sugar Bear can be a real stickler for routine and "the usual".  This day she branched out and tried a new flavor.  I was a bit shocked. 

May 28 2012_0015ew

May 29th was a long day at work.....and we got home late after Dance Class.  I love that it is so bright out later in the evening, and so does our dog, Ivy. She is CRAZY for a good game of fetch.  She is constantly throwing her tennis ball at us.  The best way to get a photo of her is to have someone hold her tennis ball up in the air for her.  She concentrates on it so much.  She is such a pretty girl......but quite the moose.  She is about 80lbs exactly.

May 29 2012_0006ew

May 30th was a beautiful day.  I got off work early to get my girl from the bus, as her usual ride had other things to do.  I had the chance to actually do someone else a favor for once.  It felt great.  We stopped by a local furniture shop and picked up the new desk and book shelf I purchased for Sugar Bear's room.  We are "growing up" her room a bit.  (sniff....sigh....sniff....cry)  We still had time to hang out in our yard with all the pets when we got home.  I figured since I got a nice shot of the dog the day before, I might as well get a shot of our cat, Toby.  He is turning 12 this August.

May 30 2012_0008ew

May 31st the last official Dance Class before recital.  Sugar Bear was excited to bring home her costume.  We had a little fun with the tutu.  :)  I really adore this shot.  There is just something about it.  sigh.....  ♥

May 31 2012_0007efb

June 1st was a super special day.  It was my official LAST DAY OF WORK before summer break. WOO HOO.  I only work one day a week during the summer.  What is NOT to love about that?????  Nothing....that's what.  :)  Then......then.......Sugar Bear's School Spring Festival was that evening. It was fabulous.  She sang like 5 songs, and everyone danced and played instruments.  It was total awesomesauce!  Here she is singing a song in Spanish.  Love.Love.Love

Jun 01 2012_0029efb

June 2nd was Dance Recital Rehearsal.  This is our only opportunity to take photos.  I got tons a great shots of the kiddos dancing.  It is always such a treat to see them getting it all together.  I loved the color of Sugar Bear's costume.  So pretty.

Jun 02 2012_0174efb

June 3rd was the actual Dance Recital.  It was a wonderful show.  So much hard work went into it, and it surely paid off.  I so loved seeing so many beautiful young ladies I know dancing.  Sugar Bear did a GREAT job, and she felt so proud.  I love this picture of Sugar Bear and her friends.  These two young ladies, and their mom got Sugar to dance class each week.  It was such a blessing.

Jun 03 2012_0010efb

2 Live It or Love It:

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Love the shot of your cat! And I agree - the color of Sugar's recital costume is gorgeous! I hope you are enjoying your summer break!

Marcelle said...

Love, love, love the 6th photo.....sugar bear has amazing stance!

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