Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kitty Has the Winter Blues

Blue is my favorite color. I think I could have dedicated an entire month to BLUE.
Day 141
(Kitty loves going grocery shopping when we get to use our reusable bags.)


Day 142
(Sometimes all you really need is a good book on a rainy day.)


Day 143
(Both Kitty and I were amazed by the incredible blue night sky in the


Day 144-taken on day 145, cause I was too lazy to climb out of bed at 11pm when I remembered I had forgotten to take my shot.
(Sometimes I just feel like a nut trapped in a bag, about to be eaten. Don't you?)


Day 145
(Kitty thinks THIS HAT is fabulous as well.)


Day 146
(I'm not sure I have an explanation for this shot other than I just love the blue background and the little blue flashlight Sugar Bear has confiscated from The Hubby.)


10 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

As per the flashlight picture, kitty didn't have an OB appointment, did she? (Hee hee, couldn't resist.)

Christina said...

pretty, pretty blues! the nutty picture - crackin me up!!!

whatcha reading?

I just have to tell you - I am SO inspired by how faithfully and creatively you have done this project!!

bBchronicles said...

Oh Kitty - I thought you were having the "BLUES-BOOO-WHO" . . . glad it's just because you LOVE the color blue! Very cute - ALWAYS love 'the adventure'!

Janet said...

Kitty is so lucky to go on so many adventures! Fabulous project Corey - your ideas and creativeness are inspiring! :)

Marcelle said...

OH Dear seems Kitty is feeling like most of us...we've had enough of winter...
The sun shone here today for the firs time in a month..I cleaned my whole house I had so much energy...amazing what blue sky can do for one.

debi9kids said...

What fun photos! LOVE all of the vibrant BLUES you found!

Playing along here:

Chris said...

Do you know what your magical ability is? You animate Kitty with your still shots -- she seems alive.

Your imagination makes me smile every time.

Honey Mommy said...

Your photos are so fun! I love to see what kitty has been enjoying this week. :o)

Anonymous said...

Love the blue this week! I think my favorite is kitty looking at the sky. And I love the nut picture. Haha! Don't we all?!

Cecily R said...

Blue...it makes me happy. Especially the blues in those shots. Once again, your skill is something I ENVY.

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