Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday~ Nope....NOT Snake Food!









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17 Live It or Love It:

inkyblog said...

awwwwwww!! i love them, what are their names?

i am going to regret asking... but do you have any pics of your little mouse? urgh, forget i asked, if i see it's face i will need to drive up and adopt it and replace it with a frozen mouse when noone is watching :)

Gayle said...

Very cute. I used to have lots of bunnies and I miss that.

Janet said...

Oh! How absolutely perfect! They are beautiful! I remember when our girls had bunnies! They're so cuddly and cute!

Jenn said...

Oh man! I'm a sucker for bunnies! I had one as my first real pet!

Out here they have a bunny museum (many live bunnies) by my house. My hubby wants one, but I work hard enough caring for KIDS!

Natalie said...

Sweet bunnies...not snake food indeed!

Beth F said...

Awww too cute.

shopannies said...

we had rabbits when I was a kid and loved them sometimes I wish I lived where my kids could raise them as well

Autumn said...

They are so cute! Funny I don't feel the same way about the wild bunnies in my yard.... something about eating all of my flowers!! :) Pictures of snakes and lizards next? lol

Marcelle said...

Love the close up's of the bunnies, they move so fast you have to be quick with that finger!!!
Of course this friend misses seeing her favorite little blog girl!!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Aww, cute bunnies! :)

bekkah said...

These shots are fantastic, so adorable. I went years without seeing any rabbits. Then I started running early in the mornings. That's when I discovered they're crepuscular critters...I was amazed at how many would go hopping by me :)

Melissa said...

Oh Corey, now you've gone and done it! I am having this weird need that we need to get an animal, and now I want a bunny! Thanks a lot!!!! Such cute photos!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Flood of relief, here. They are adorable and would look very cute cuddled up in Sugar's new blue hat.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful babies! Thanks for sharing. - MaLinda

Christina said...

those are some serously cute little bunnies!!!! are those newest surprise residents of the family zoo???

Sue said...

Aww..they are adorable! Now..a question...do you know the sex of them?
When we were kids we got some rabbits..I think four..not many weeks later we had 28. I am just saying.

Thats a lot of new critters. I recently saw one of tose lizards in Sydney Australia...they get a little bigger

Have I made your day yet?

Life with Kaishon said...

I love bunnies : ). So cute.

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