Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kitty is Random

As many of you guess, I'm just not done with Kitty. When I began this project last September, I had NO idea that I would take this and continue that way I have. One month was my plan, but each and every month, I feel like it just isn't done yet. So....I keep going. The last 3 months, I have had a theme. November was things I was thankful for, December was the alphabet, and January was colors. Right about now, I'm needing to be random, so I quickly decided to just let February be free. As I go about my day, I look for that moment that speaks of my day, my feelings, my moments. It has been good.

Day 154
(Yummmmm.....cookies. Sometimes we just need something sweet to bring a smile back to our faces.)


Day 155
(Big big news! Sugar Bear is reading...I mean REALLY reading. It was sudden, and has been wonderful She reads to ME as we drive in the mornings. I love it....and so does Kitty.)


Day 156
(One of the gifts blogging has given me, is homemade pizza. Beth posted a really easy pizza crust recipe AGES ago, and it has changed my life. ♥)


Day 157
(The Hubby asked me if this was a photo of torture, and sat stunned, as THAT is exactly how I've been feeling about work these days....torture.)


Day 158
(Spending some peaceful moments in the library, all by myself....was a much needed break.)


Day 159
(Sugar and I had such fun working on Crayon hearts for her friends for Valentine's Day this past weekend. It was lovely!)


Day 160
(This day....was truly horrible, and this photo......describes it perfectly. I do mean PERFECTLY! The only thing on my mind was a SNAKE. It was alllllll about a SNAKE! not this tiny little snake, but a bigger snake.....loose in my house....for THREE days!)


So there you have it. My first seven days of February. I was very freeing to have a break from the themes. While the themes have kept me going, and have given my inspiration, I really did need some time to just snap in the moment.

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9 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

LOL! Love it! What a brave Kitty to have a SNAKE around your neck!

Chris said...

Kitty has had a very busy week.

I would love to have a cookie that size to munch on.

Are you just in the zone now Corey? How do you come up with this stuff every day?

Christina said...

Random is good, too! Mr Snake was found again?? Whoo. I love the simplicity of the photo at the library. But my favorite by far is SB READING!!! YAY!!!! I'm just amazing by your creativity to still be going so strong 160 into the project

Marcelle said...

Sugar can read????????????????
Wow now I am very impressed.
Stunning, stunning stunning photo's!!!!

Tanya said...

love it! lol. EEEEK at the snake tho!! ooh I love those crayon hearts!!! how did u do them??

CDB said...

Yikes to the snake, honestly!! And I love the cookie snacking picture. They are all pretty amazing!

Honey Mommy said...

I love your kitty project. I would do something like it, but I don't really have an attractive model like yours. :o)

Carol said...

Your pictures made me smile.... snapping kitty photos was very creative!

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

All of your pictures this week are just great. I just love the cookie shot as the bite is so much bigger than kitty's mouth. :) The crayon hearts is also fun. Our playgroup is making those crayons later next month. I can't wait. Looks like a fun little project.

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