Sunday, April 18, 2010

Changing Perspective


It isn't very rare for folks to want to take pictures of all the blooms Spring has to offer. I'm no exception. I can't help but aim my camera at all the glorious trees. This day was no exception. I was itching to get out there and capture the scene.
I snapped a few (three) shots, then got an idea. Why not take a picture of the exact same limb with it's set of blooms a few times...only shifting my perspective a tiny bit each time. Here are the results. Four shots of the same subject with only a very slight shift in perspective. There are lessons in this exercise that I like to apply to my life.

Everything has more than one way to look at it.

Sometimes, one might only change the way they see something to make a big difference in the result.


One way may not be better than the others.....only different.


And in the might be glad you opened our eyes, heart and mind, because you never would have experienced THIS.

6 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

Really clever and good idea indeed.

My hubby gave me an idea, but too late for me to start it...
Take a photo a day of the same tree at the start of Spring to full bloom.

April said...

That was spectacular!!!! I love the spring flowers, but that is a great idea to really bring life to our experiences when we are photographing anything and everything...I can't wait now for my flowering crab tree to bloom!!!

Autumn said...

I love these! Sometimes we don't even realize a change in perspective could be the best thing ever. Sigh...

Secret Agent Mama said...


Christina said...

Love this, Corey! a great lesson that an be applied to many different things in life.

Lisa said...

Beautiful Corey!

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