Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kitty goes from here to there...and everywhere

Day 210
(We spent the entire day on this phone getting nothing but BAD news. UGH)


Day 211
(My truck headed east......and Kitty saw his first snow...and couldn't resist making an angel.)


Day 212
(Kitty couldn't pass up on the hor' his pants are too tight. )


Day 213
(In fact......Kitty got stuck in this tree when under estimating the size of his backside.)


Day 214
(Poor Kitty felt the deep sadness being projected by these Spring Daffodils.)


Day 215
(All in all, I think Kitty is a pretty good egg.)


Day 216
(Well.....when he isn't trying to steal Sugar Bear's Easter goodies...that is.)


Hosted by Chris

8 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

Kitty sure had lots of fun!!

Janet said...

Once again - Kitty is totally on top of things! How pretty those daffodils are in the snow? Even though they look weighed down! As for Kitty, that snow angel is my favourite! :)

Christina said...

Kitty has been busy! YOU have been busy! I enjoy your comments almost as much as the photos. A good egg - hehehe!

Autumn said...

I was looking forward to seeing Kitty put some tire chains on.. hehehehe! Poor little flowers all weighed down by snow. I'm so ready for Summer!

Emmy said...

I seriously love love your kitty pictures. And yes he does make a good egg. The flower one is so sad, great shot!

Secret Agent Mama - Mishelle Lane said...

It's amazing how many days in Kitty is! I love your project, Corey!

From Tracie said...

I love Kitty making his first snow angel!

Kitty has had a full week!

Chris said...

I am stunned every week at how much Kitty emotes. In this series this weeks you've managed to capture joy and sorrow.

You are an artist.

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