Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes We Just Don't know What we are missing

Not too long ago.....I had QUITE A DAY. You may have read about it at the time, and may have thanked your lucky stars that you had never had a day LIKE THAT. To be completely fair, I must say that while I took it better than most people, it certainly was not appreciated. Seriously....the LAST thing I thought I needed was another pet......another responsibility....another stress. And I got FOUR all in one day. Add those to the THREE we already had, and it was so much more than I wanted. A week later, the hubby came home with TWO more bunnies. Those additions brought us to one short of TEN pets! UGH.....

Fortunately, the FOUR bunnies simply live in our yard.... well on our property, really. ( they are taking over the neighborhood.) We have five acres. They hop around happily, and eat everything in sight. They have taken a BIG interest in our Miniature Horse, and they are all the best of friends. The horse keeps the predators away, and the bunnies keep the horse company. It has been good for everyone. Well....everyone except sweet Sugar Bear. You see....those darling bunnies.....don't let her pet them. They keep a pretty safe distance away, in fact. Not so much fun for a five year old with a yearning to snuggle a bunny.

Soooooooo a month or so later, I pleaded with The Hubby to make some bunny hutches, and we set about the adventure of owning MORE bunnies. I've already introduced you to Ocean, and Mace previously, and I have TWO more to introduce, but I'm not ready to do that just yet (meaning I haven't edited the pictures of them.) Instead, I want to focus a bit on Ocean again. I don't know about you....but I think she is quite possibly the cutest bunny in the whole wide world.


She always looks grumpy, but she isn't. She is an easy going little lady who puts up with some pretty degrading things.


And she does it with class, and sophistication.

She is my OSHEE POSHEE (oh she poh she).


OH how we love our Oshee Poshee MinOshee.....(yes I call her that EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!)


She is a lover, that girl......oh yes she is. Sugar Bear and Ocean get lots of cuddles in, and it melts my heart.......don't you love it?


Here's the deal, folks. I DID NOT want more pets. I absolutely DID.NOT.WANT.MORE.PETS!!!!

Mar2110_0025ew can't imagine our life without them. ( be fair....the snake could go....and I'm sure I wouldn't miss her.) The bunnies though.....let's just say we didn't know what our life was missing until we had them.


Somehow, I'm always surprised at how much there is to learn from pets. For Sugar Bear, the bunnies have been a good lesson in being calm and gentle. None of our other pets have required such quiet loving care, as bunnies scare quite easily.

I hate to admit it, but I'm glad that The Hubby continues to push me to do things I'd normally pass up. I did not want more pets, but I can't imagine not being able to watch these two:


playing together in their own special way. We are BLESSED.

6 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

What an adorable pair!

Sue said...

Soo adorable....bth of them!

Autumn said...

Stop it! This post makes me want a bunny and I am a lot like your hubby... we also are one pet short of ten at my house. But it's all MY doing. Good thing my husband isn't like yours, I'd surely have more than I could handle. I love how Ocean cuddles with Sugar... so sweet.

Lisa said...

So sweet and I love the image of her looking up at the camera.
You truly are blessed.

Marcelle said...

Beautiful story with those photo's...I no want a bunny as well after seeing yours as we cant have cats or dogs where we live...thanks for sharing their love...

Marka said...

These photos are precious!

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