Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Think Kitty is Purring

Day 217
(We should always stop and smell the flowers.)


Day 218
(Work work work......and work some MORE.....but grateful for employment.)


Day 219
(Kitty was really needing to find a warm, comforting spot...and this was lovely indeed.)


Day 220
(Sometime even mundain tasks can be more fun when done TOGETHER.)


Day 221
(Face the sun....and feel it's love.)


Day 222
(Kitty always has time for a wagon's the little things that make a difference.)


Day 223
(Good times with Sugar and her cousins.)


Hosted by Chris

6 Live It or Love It:

Kelly Deneen said...

Your kitty pictures are wonderful as always. They always make me LOL. ha!

The one of kitty filling out a medical form is awesome. And I LOVE the one where kitty casts a shadow. The last one is precious!

Emmy said...

Once again always so amazed at your creativity with Kitty! I would never be able to think of so many different things to do and your pictures are always beautiful!

Janet said...

What wonderful adventures again! Lucky Kitty!

Marcelle said...

cute kitty having so much fun!!

Chris said...

Kitty seems to something profound in her every daily experience.

Does she go everywhere with you - would you consider her your sidekick?

Do you find yourself living vicariously through the experiences of Kitty?

Christina said...

where was kitty on day 219? What a cool looking spot. I also love the medical forms one, but my fav has got to be floating on sponge in the dishwater!! can't believe you're still going so strong.

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